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Satoshi Sakai (坂井サトシ Sakai Satoshi) is Shizuka's brother. He disappeared before the start of the game and is being searched for by Sergey Asimov.


A highly skilled developer formerly employed by Instatainment and responsible for the CrossCode. He mysteriously vanished from the company to further his research together with his sister Shizuka and friend Gautham. As it turns out the real Satoshi died due a congenital heart disease but he was able to create an Evotar of himself.

-Encyclopedia people entry

Appearance[ | ]

Satoshi has a very pale and thin face, which may be the result of his illness. He has straight, shoulder-length black hair that sticks up in the front. His eyes are obscured by a pair of red glasses, which connect to metal headphones. He wears a long white coat with a collar and red trim and arm patches, along with a grey shirt and black pants.

Personality[ | ]

Considering he is the creator of both the CrossCode and Evotars, together with the fact that he was able to make and execute a convoluted plan to get everyone out of Sidwell's hands, he can be called a genius. He never lost hope even when everything goes against him, like when he died to save his sister, only for his death to be in vain. It doesn't matter if he is being forced to work or not, because he has been a workaholic from the very start.

DLC Spoilers

In the DLC, while he still is a workaholic, he seems to have let go off the past and is now more relaxed, as he forgives C'tron for working under Sidwell, and goes as far as to prank Shizuka by reenacting his death when she enters his office along with Lea.

Relationships[ | ]

Shizuka: Satoshi and Shizuka are siblings, and are shown to care greatly for each other. Satoshi is willing to give up his life to protect his sister from his mistakes, while she fights her way through swarms of enemies to get to him and try to save him or convince him otherwise.

Gautham: Gautham is shown to care very little for Satoshi's well-being during the Prologue. Sidwell drove this close friend away from him, yet Satoshi still had hope that they could go back to being friends and working together on game development. It is unknown if Gautham was keeping Satoshi away from Shizuka because he knew about the deal or for another reason.

DLC Spoilers

Considering how he is still obsessed with work and that he doesn't seem interested in playing the game he is developing unless convinced otherwise, his attitude towards his creations can be considered the polar opposite of Gautham's, who had moved physically to the Playground to see the worlds he created first-hand and had his own personal projects aside from what he was told to do.

Sidwell: Satoshi hates Sidwell for everything he made him and his friends go through. The business man tricked him into working for him, and also betrayed him when he offered Shizuka's freedom for an Evotar of his so he could continue working post-mortem.

Lea: She is the only hope he has for freedom. He knows he can trust her to reach the Evotar Server and occasionally refers to her as his sister, since she is based on Shizuka.

Sergey: Friend of Satoshi, he was the only one who didn't leave Instatainment to work on Evotars. Satoshi was sure he still had his support and that he must have been searching for him since he went to work on with Sidwell. He was sure that he was capable of bringing Lea back once he had found her corrupted data in CrossWorlds's files. He also teaches Sergey how to project holograms of himself on certain terminals and develops the plan to crash the Evotar Server alongside him.

Role in CrossCode[ | ]

Before the game[ | ]

Satoshi was a CrossWorlds developer at Instatainment along with Shizuka, Gautham and Sergey. He was responsible of implementing the avatar controlling module, but he aspired higher than just doing what he was told by the company. He worked on a version of the module that could simulate every characteristic a human had and was hoping that Instatainment would be interested, however, they refused to support him. This led him to leave the company along with Shizuka and Gautham. Then, he was contacted by Benedict Sidwell, who offered what Instatainment didn't give him, and they made a contract.

He would go on to create the first Evotar, Lea. Once Sidwell revealed his true intentions, he knew there was no going back and that he had to make a plan that Sidwell wouldn't discover so easily. That is why Satoshi, first, intentionally made Lea malfunction. Second, he convinced Sidwell that there was no going back for her, but that she might recover if she was debugged while connected directly to the Evotar Server. From here, Sidwell decided that he would try to repair her, which forced him to give her an access key to the server. As expected, he was unable to do anything and so tasked Satoshi with deleting her. Now that she had the access key, as the third step, Satoshi placed Lea in CrossWorlds's files as corrupted data that he knew Sergey would have to fix eventually.

Main Story[ | ]

In the Prologue, Satoshi is working on his Evotar while kept hostage by Gautham, who tries to stop Shizuka from halting his work. She reaches her brother right when he finishes his work and has him die in her arms.

He is the reason why Sergey put Lea back in the game in the first place and finding him is the main motivator through almost all of CrossCode. He only appears in Lea's memories until they finally meet again in the Old Hideout, where he explains his story ever since he left Instatainment, along with the plan to save all Evotars, including Shizuka and Gautham. He then goes to discuss the plan alone with Sergey while he tells Shizuka to talk with Lea outside, hoping they can reconcile.

As the Vermillion Raid comes to a close, Satoshi is seen crashing in the Old Hideout, just like the other Evotars. He doesn't come back unless the Good Ending is obtained as his data is stored in the Evotar Server.

Post-Game DLC[ | ]

Satoshi now has his own house in Homestedt, from where he resumes working for Instatainment. He is known to have worked on the development of Azure Archipelago and Ku'lero Temple.

After Lea has her final duel against Apollo, she goes back to Homestedt and finds Satoshi having a talk with C'tron. The latter acknowledeged his role in Sidwell's scheme and received forgiveness from Satoshi.

His last story appearances occur in Chapter 13. In the beginning, Shizuka tells him to go outside so they can play together in Azure Archipelago. He initially refuses, but his sister insists and he ends up accompanying her. During Ku'lero Temple's inauguration, both show up to run the dungeon together.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Satoshi's last name, Sakai (坂井), typically translate to "well at the slope."