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Satoshi Sakai (坂井サトシ Sakai Satoshi) is Shizuka's brother. He was dying due to unknown causes, but he pushed himself to complete a project to secure his sister's freedom, which led to his premature death during the prologue.


A highly skilled developer formerly employed by Instatainment and responsible for the CrossCode. He mysteriously vanished from the company to further his research together with his sister Shizuka and friend Gautham. As it turns out the real Satoshi died due a congenital heart disease but he was able to create an Evotar of himself.

-Encyclopedia people entry


Satoshi has a very pale and thin face, which may be the result of his illness. He has straight, shoulder-length black hair that sticks up in the front. His eyes are obscured by a pair of red glasses, which connect to metal headphones. He wears a long white coat with a collar and red trim and arm patches, along with a grey shirt and black pants.


Satoshi's initial appearance in the story is very brief, but in that time he makes it clear that he feels responsible for getting Shizuka involved in some bad business and that he is willing to do whatever he can to protect her, even if it means his own death. He is likely very intelligent, given how essential he is to the project he was completing.


Satoshi and Shizuka are siblings, and are shown to care greatly for each other. Satoshi is willing to give up his life to protect his sister from his mistakes, while she fights her way through swarms of enemies to get to him and try to save him or convince him otherwise.

Gautham is a representative of the nefarious elements with which Satoshi has become involved. Although he is not actually holding Satoshi against his will, he is shown to care very little for Satoshi's well-being, and is only interested in the success of the project.

Role in CrossCode[]

Satoshi resides in an old hideout in Sapphire Ridge, hidden from the official playground of CrossWorlds. He is the Evotar of his former self, a copy he created to live past his death in the prologue.

During the prologue, Satoshi may have completed the CrossCode, a program that creates Evotars from the data of players in CrossWorlds.

Lea meets Satoshi at the old hideout in Chapter 9. Sergey joins the meeting through one of the holograms inside to discuss the fate of Evotars.

During Crosscode: A New Home Satoshi makes another appearance in various cutscenes together with Shizuka. He can be found working at his desk in his new home where he is working for Instatainment again.


  • Satoshi's last name, Sakai (坂井), typically translate to "well at the slope."