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CrossCode has two save systems. The old system (before 0.8.2) stores all saves in localstorage. Due to size limitations this was changed to a file-based save system. This new system stores save data in the file.

Version 0.8.2 has a savegame bug on MacOS and Linux. The Windows exclusive Environment variable appdata is used. Version 0.8.2-2 replaced this with nw.App.dataPath.

Location[ | ]

Save File (since 0.8.2-2)[ | ]

System Path
Windows %LOCALAPPDATA%\CrossCode\
Windows 10 (Microsoft Store/Xbox Game Pass) %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\DECK13.CrossCodePC_rn1dn9jh54zft\LocalCache\Local\CrossCode\
Linux ~/.config/CrossCode/Default/
MacOS ~/Library/Application Support/CrossCode/Default/

Localstorage saves (old system)[ | ]

System Path
Windows %LOCALAPPDATA%\CrossCode\Local Storage\
Linux ~/.config/CrossCode/Default/Local Storage/
MacOS ~/Library/Application Support/CrossCode/Default/Local Storage/

Savefile and Localstorage format[ | ]

The format of the save storage is a JSON:

Format overview:

  "slots": [
  "autoSlot": {savestring},
  "globals": {savestring},
  "lastSlot": {slot_number}
Element Description
"slots" Array (List) containing all saves, starting with Slot 1
"autoSlot" Containing the autosave
"globals" Containing all global data


  "slots": [
  "autoSlot": "[-!_0_!-]U2FsdGVkX19qIZAUL2kZ...Ox8t/0yfkRouUdgaCFWrMT8jup",
  "globals": "[-!_0_!-]U2FsdGVkX19YItQieykUU...xuFzHg4oeyhlJRR5/CRA/NBE8o",
  "lastSlot": 0

Savestring[ | ]

A savestring containing the actual save data. Every String starts with [-!_0_!-] and is base64 encoded. The decoded result is a AES-256 (CBC mode) encrypted JSON. The password used to encrypt and decrypt the data has been known since May 2016 and can be found in the source code of the editors below.

The game is using CryptoJS to encrypt and decrypt the data.

There are multiple ways to decrypt a Savestring:

Method Info
Openssl Remove [-!_0_!-] from the String

Encrypt: openssl enc -e -base64 -A -aes-256-cbc -md md5 -pass pass:"{password}"

Decrypt: openssl enc -d -base64 -A -aes-256-cbc -md md5 -pass pass:"{password}"

CryptoJS Remove [-!_0_!-] from the String

Encrypt: CryptoJS.AES.encrypt({savejson},{password})

Decrypt: CryptoJS.AES.decrypt({savestring},{password})

Decryptor/Editor from RegalMedia Source code on GitHub
Editor from Omegalink12 Online Editor (Sourcecode)
Editor from Streetclaw Download (savegameEdit.html)

Import and Export Savestrings[ | ]

The menu to import and export Savestrings can be opened by pressing F10. Imported saves will be stored on the last savegame slot.

Decrypted Savestring (JSON)[ | ]

Savegame[ | ]

Element Description
"map" Current Map
"vars" Map, Game and Event Storage
"position" Position in the current map
"bgm" Background Music
"gui" Bottom-right help textbox
"version" Game version (not updated on PC)
"saveVersion" Savegame version
"timers" Timer data
"playtime" Full playtime in seconds
"stats" Game stats
"message" Last messages
"options" (empty)
"area" Area (Load- / Savescreen)
"floor" Floor (Load- / Savescreen)
"specialMap" Special Map (Load- / Savescreen)
"visitedAreas" Visited Areas
"landmarks" Reached Landmarks
"lories" Lore marker
"tradersFound" Trader found
"menuNewEntries" Tracks new menu entries
"logs" Game log
"drops" Botanic data
"player" Player data
"saveBlock" Save disabled
"forceCombatMode" Combat mode
"permaTask" Current Main Task
"quests" Quests
"newGamePlus" New Game Plus options
"party" Party / Contact data
"commonEvents" Event data (Combat Art tutorial flags)

Global[ | ]

Element Description
"feats" Trophies
"options" Game options

Switch version savegame differences[ | ]

A key change between the PC and Switch savegames is the latter being saved in plaintext.

Instances of multiple language data have mostly been replaced with just the one chosen language.