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Sergey Asimov is one of the main characters of CrossCode. A highly talented programmer, he logs Lea into CrossWorlds unofficially to help her recover her memories. He uses his knowledge of the game to guide Lea via direct messages instead of with an Avatar, and is also responsible for expanding her vocabulary and the Encyclopedia.


Sergey is a skilled software engineer with no apparent occupation other than helping Lea. He likes to be rational and tends to be specific on technical terms which might leave the impression of a pragmatic personality.

-Encyclopedia people entry

Appearance[ | ]

Sergey has a slim build and light skin. He has light, sandy blonde hair, cut short and generally straight but with a prominent curl on his forehead. He has green eyes and an angular face, with well-defined cheekbones and jawline. He wears a pair of round-framed glasses, as well as a grey and red headset, which he uses to communicate remotely with the other characters. His standard attire consists of a green sweater, brown pants and black shoes.

His Avatar featured in A New Home is a Pentafist, although he is only at Level 1. He wears grey and orange armor of a futuristic appearance with a purple undershirt. There is a pentagonal gap in his chest armor covered partially by a cravat. His hair now points upwards at the front, he has a scar on one of his eyebrows, and his headset now has two large spikes facing backwards on his ears. While Sergey likes his Avatar, Lea and other players seem to think more negatively of it.

Personality[ | ]

Sergey is very knowledgeable about CrossWorlds and is eager to share that knowledge with others, to the point of talking too much at times. He can easily get annoyed by those around him, particularly when they use slang terminology or misconceptions related to CrossWorlds, but he tries hard to be patient and understanding. His somewhat uptight personality hides a snarky side and a fondness for bad jokes.

Relationships[ | ]

Sergey and Carla are friends, and are working together to get Lea started in CrossWorlds. Although Sergey is shown to be somewhat irritated by Carla's work ethic and attitude towards CrossWorlds, the two have known each other for a long time and seem to be close.

Captain Jet has an unspecified history with Sergey, and the two are on good terms, although they have been out of touch for a while.

Sergey designed Lea's avatar, and is responsible for entering her into the game and activating her combat modules. He is Lea's primary source of information about CrossWorlds, and is working on workarounds for her malfunctioning speech synchronization. Lea's memories hint that they knew each other before the events of the story, although Sergey has chosen not to share this information with her yet.

History[ | ]

Sergey has been stated to be of Ukrainian ancestry (insofar as nationalities still apply in the far future). When he was first introduced, he was described as being a professional programmer and a security expert. His exact job and affiliation with CrossWorlds are unknown, and his current task of helping an amnesiac player is shown to be very nonstandard, to the point where he is rather paranoid about their activities being discovered by others.. He has some history with the crew of the MS Solar, particularly Carla and Captain Jet. He is also implied to be a former player of CrossWorlds, given that watching Lea in combat made him feel nostalgic. He seems to have been originally involved in whatever was happening in Lea's backstory, but got cold feet and left.

Role in CrossCode[ | ]

Sergey initializes Lea's avatar at the beginning of CrossCode, and is the first person she speaks to in the game. He guides her through a basic VRP-throwing tutorial, and unlocks her combat modules as required. He runs an investigation into Lea's malfunctioning speech synchronization, and although he is unable to fix it, he figures out the workaround of hard-coding words and is able to give her the ability to say several words over the course of the game, beginning with "Hi". When Blue Avatar summons the Huge Hostile Crab to fight Lea, Sergey is able to check its battle stats, and assures Lea that she is capable of defeating it. He later does the same to the Advanced Attack Robots, and encourages Lea to run to the teleporter.

Sergey continues to talk to Lea throughout the game, unlocking more words, helping her situation to remain unnoticed, and trying to help her regain her memories.

Sergey has made no physical appearances to date. All of his interactions in the game have been long-distance, with him talking to Carla and Jet via hidden earpieces. He also talks directly to Lea, and his avatar implies that she can see a screen view of him. A similar conversation occurred between Shizuka and Satoshi's Captor in the prologue, furthermore similar conversations between him and other members of the First Scholars seem to take place in Chapter 10, making it possible that this is a hidden feature in all avatars.

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