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The Shokat is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be found in Gaia's Garden, Zir'vitar Temple and Grand Krys'kajo.


How do you have this report? How could you defeat 10 of these fluffy but arguably shocking kitties? All they wanted is to be petted. I hope they left you with some cat scratches!

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Shokats are feline creatures of roughly the size of real world cats. They have pink fur and a white tail. Close examination will show that the tail is actually an arc of electric energy and their entire fur is surrounded by an electrostatic aura.

Wild specimen are known to close up to passersby, even when they are completely stranger to them. They like to purr and pretend to be harmless, but getting close is highly discouraged, as their fur is of a strong electric charge and harmful on direct contact. Even the sound of their purr is accompanied by a static crackle.

Combat[ | ]

The Shokat is passive and slowly gets close to the player so it can do little contact damage with its electrostatic fur. When engaged in combat, it dodges most attacks until it either charges electricity and dashes towards the player to hit them with its tail, or stays in place while surrounded with a purple aura. Hitting it enough with ranged attacks such as Balls will break it, making it stationary and causing it to pull the player towards itself to deal massive contact damage.

In the Tropical Chill quest, Shokats will always be aggresive towards both the player and Tourist Karottos.

Strategies[ | ]

Shokats are extremely fast in combat. This and the fact that body contact is harmful makes Melee combat extremely dangerous, especially when they pull you in. It is best to keep your distance and break them so they don't dodge your attacks.

Another strategy requires a high defense and Icon-Modifier-Pin-Body Pin Body. Once a Shokat starts pulling, you must use your shield and guard its static aura, dealing massive damage to it while taking little to none yourself. However, one must be wary that the shield can break while doing this. One can also utilize Guard-sphere-icon Guard Sphere or Icy Bastion-icon Icy Bastion as a substitute for your shield so it doesn't break.

Locations[ | ]

Gaia's Garden
  • Crossroad (x1)
  • Splitting Stumps (x9)
  • Clinging River (x3)
  • Ringing River (x3)
  • Old Timber (x7)
  • Tying Greens (x2)
  • Peridot Approach (x2)
  • Vr'da Vil North (x4)
  • Calm Backyard (x2)
  • Lost Lookout (x6)
  • Infested Marshes South (x5)
  • Infested Marshes North (x5)
  • Seared Lake (x8)
Only during the Tropical Chill quest.
  • Chilled Den (x11)
Zir'vitar Temple
  • Power Plants (x2, non-respawning)
Grand Krys'kajo
  • West Branch (x12, non-respawning)

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