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The Shredder is a Monster in CrossCode. They can be encountered when fleeing from the Blue Avatar on the MS Solar.

Appearance[ | ]

The Shredder is a metal robot resembling a humanoid upper torso and head. It floats on rings of orange energy. It is made of dark grey metal with red highlights. It is physically identical to its weaker counterparts, the Alpha Shredder and the Prologue Shredder; they are distinguished only by their behavior.

Combat[ | ]

During combat, the Shredder will follow the player closely and attempt to attack them. Their attack has three parts. First they dash forward towards the player, stopping just short of them if they are close enough. They then charge their attack, briefly flashing red. They finish with a powerful melee slash. The slash also releases a homing shockwave that follows the player.

Strategies[ | ]

Due to their extremely high level, the Shredders encountered are capable of destroying Lea with a single attack, while she can deal a maximum of 1 damage to them with any attack. Due to this, coupled with the difficulty of dodging their homing attack, defeating one is normally considered impossible, and they must instead be fled.

It is possible to defeat one of them on the M.S. Solar in Cargo Hold 1 by exploiting a glitch to trap the Shredder behind an orange barrier. This causes the Shredder to be unable to attack Lea, but not the other way around. Despite this, it still takes over half an hour to deal enough damage to the Shredder to destroy it, as Lea can only deal it one point of damage per attack.

Locations[ | ]

M.S. Solar
Cargo Hold Entrance: x2 summoned by the Blue Avatar
Cargo Hold 5: x2 summoned by the Blue Avatar
Cargo Hold 4: x2 summoned by the Blue Avatar
Cargo Hold 3: x2 summoned by the Blue Avatar
Cargo Hold 2: x1 summoned by the Blue Avatar
Cargo Hold 1: x1 summoned by the Blue Avatar
Cargo Hold Teleporter: x5 summoned by the Blue Avatar

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

The Shredder was first introduced with the release of the Demo. It has appeared in all subsequent game releases excluding the Shortened Demo, where gameplay ends after defeating the Huge Hostile Crab.