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This article contains SPOILERS for the A New Home DLC of CrossCode. Proceed at your own risk!
Disambig This article is about the final boss of A New Home. For the businessman, see Benedict Sidwell.

Sidwell is a humanoid boss based on Benedict Sidwell's avatar and unofficially incorporated into CrossWorlds, and is the final boss of A New Home. He is fought in Vermillion Wasteland in a secret room in Sidwell's Office.

Humanoid Boss

Well played.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Sidwell is identical to Benedict Sidwell’s avatar. He wears a business suit with a visor, both black with orange stripes, earmuffs with small wings that represent his role as a Pentafist, and has black hair.

Combat[ | ]

Just like Gastropolis and The Creator, he starts out mostly unbeatable, with the key difference that his defense is extremely high instead of his HP. Lea is accompanied by Emilie and C'tron during the fight, so any reference to “the player” also applies to them.

Phase 1

  • Teleports and creates one clone that looks like his silhouette. The clone is invincible and only attacks by dashing towards the player and punching once. The character the clone will attack is revealed by a dotted line connecting both.
  • Dashes towards the player and punches them multiple times, finishing with a single powerful blow. He can also punch once like his clones do.
  • Uppercuts C'tron and locks him in a torture device. Then, he begins the interrogation while two clones charge, attack him and disappear.

After the interrogation is finished, Sergey hacks the clones so Lea and her friends can destroy them and get damage boosts to counter Sidwell’s huge defense. They are easier to break after they attack.

  • Punches once and summons three consecutive solid lightning bolts from the sky, telegraphed by a homing circle on the floor.
  • In the center of the arena, smashes the floor and shoots multiple solid lightning bolts that fall on non-homing circles.
  • Punches twice in the player’s direction, summoning a line of spikes on each punch.
  • Smashes the center of the arena and releases multiple lines of spikes. These are telegraphed by thick light blue lines coming out of him.

Phase 2

  • Raises his defense exponentially, minimizing the damage of all attacks.
  • Attempts to smash the player twice, doing damage in an area and releasing three exploding dark flames around him with a fourth one exploding on himself, then smashes the ground in the center of the arena and releases many flames that explode on the borders and leave lingering fires to the left and right. The flames and fires can block projectiles.
  • Teleports thrice, creating two clones.
  • Uses his spike punch twice or thrice.
  • His lightning punch shoots three or four lightning strikes.
  • Creates four clones during the interrogation.

Phase 3

  • Boosts his defense yet again.
  • Charges and begins T-posing in the air. While in this state, he flies around and shoots lines of dark spheres out of both hands, aimed directly at the player.
  • Teleports four times and creates three clones.
  • Creates six clones during the interrogation.

Strategies[ | ]

  • If you want to fight Sidwell alone, you can use Party Member Options to make your party members do nothing and not get targeted by him.
  • The T-pose is by far the strongest attack in his arsenal. The left and right walls will probably be surrounded by flames, causing you to die if you get pushed into them, so hugging the upper wall is preferrable.
  • During the interrogations, the clone that begins charging becomes easier to break. It is more effective to destroy them in the order they attack C'tron.
  • Some of his attacks have elemental properties. The spikes are Cold, the lightning is Shock and the lingering fires are Heat. This means you can swap elements according to which one will make you more resistant.
  • You can gather an infinite amount of damage boosts, however, Sidwell will always minimize your damage at the start of each phase so there is no point farming them.

Location[ | ]

Vermillion Wasteland
  • Sidwell's Office

Dialogue[ | ]

“By now, you should have realized your true circumstances. You are just one of many that came before you. The time has come to release you of your position. I’m sure there is still information left that you decided not to share. That is why this will be your final interrogation.” – Beginning of the fight.

“You have been less active the last few days. Why is that? Answer the question!!” – First interrogation.

“We saw you communicating via message with an anonymous individual. Who was that? There is no point in being silent!” – Second interrogation.

“You neglected the surveillance of interrogation target 78 and 94. Why? This will continue until I get answers.” – Third interrogation.

“You used certain characteristic hand gestures in public. Why did you do that? Answer or this will go on for hours and hours.” – Fourth interrogation.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • In the Monster Fibula entry, Sidwell will occasionally switch to a T-pose.
  • The torture device is similar to the one used on Solid Snake during the events of Metal Gear Solid.