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Sir Blobus Starnikus is an abstract boss in CrossWorlds. It is the boss of So'najiz Temple, the Wave dungeon.

Abstract Boss.png
Sir Blobus Starnikus

This starfish is the leader of both the Gelleric and the Jelleric. It can enter a strange synthesis with them to create a large mass that is almost impenetrable. Only by using compressed shock balls can the bond be broken.

-Monster Fibula report


Sir Blobus Starnikus (SBS for short) is a giant blob of slime with a single rainbow-coloured starfish in the centre.


SBS is associated with the Wave element, it has 4 different stages of health and 3 attacks. In the first attack, SBS jumps towards Lea (like the Huge Hostile Crab boss); in the second attack, SBS charges towards Lea (like Hedgehags); in the third attack, SBS launches a bomb-like wave with small homing capabilities and a large AoE.



Since SBS uses Wave element attacks, it is advised that you swap your branches into the ones with Element Resistance in the Neutral Tree and Wave resistance in the Shock Tree.

The boss fight can be separated into 4 stages, marked by HP breaks.

1: SBS only uses the jump attack and the charge attack and returns to the center after each attack. Lea must first break SBS by using Shock attacks. While broken, SBS shoots charged wave projectiles at Lea. Here, Lea needs to charge the electric ball, hit it towards the wall, step on the switch, and allow the electric ball to hit SBS to break SBS for the second time and split into 15 or so Jellerics. SBS can only be damaged by attacking these Jellerics.

2: SBS now can use the jump attack twice consecutively, charge attack twice consecutively, and the bomb-like attack. Similar to the first stage, use shock attacks to break SBS. Starting for here, SBS will have a shield facing towards Lea blocking the electric ball and shock attacks, Lea will need to step on a switch for the electric ball to hit the shield and move to the opposite switch (vertically) so the electric ball that glided to the other side can directly hit SBS and break him into smaller bits. Beat up those Jellerics.

3: SBS can jump and charge 3 times in a row and shoot two bomb-like attacks now, other than these, it is the same as Stage 2.

4: SBS is noticeably smaller in size and attacks like how it did in Stage 3 but at a faster rate and does not return to the center anymore. Lea now can directly hit SBS with shock attacks to kill him.





  • SBS bears a deep resemblance to Staryu, a star-shaped Pokémon.
  • A memorial shrine dedicated to Sir Blobus can be found in the Azure Archipielago, implying it was deeply respected by the Echino- sea stars that live there.