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Sir Blobus Starnikus is an abstract boss in CrossWorlds. It is the boss of So'najiz Temple, the Wave dungeon.

Abstract Boss
Sir Blobus Starnikus

This starfish is the leader of both the Gelleric and the Jelleric. It can enter a strange synthesis with them to create a large mass that is almost impenetrable. Only by using compressed shock balls can the bond be broken.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Sir Blobus Starnikus (SBS for short) is a floating purple and green starfish with a green eye in the middle of its body. It surrounds itself with a huge teal, spherical mass composed purely of Jellerics.

Combat[ | ]

SBS always stays floating over the hole in the center of its arena. There are two Compressors next to it, two pairs of Compressor Bouncers in the middle of the top and bottom wall with Anti Compressors behind them, and one Floor Switch on each corner to activate the pair that is around the wall closer to them. The battle starts with many Jellerics falling from the sky until SBS shows up and uses them to create an invincibility blob around itself. Its physical attacks cause Wave shockwaves wherever they land.

Phase 1

  • Backs up a little, then tackles the player and crashes into a wall, bouncing back to the center of the arena.
  • Squashes its body, then jumps and falls on top of the player.
  • Hitting it with enough Shock attacks will cause it to break, replacing both of its attacks with charging and firing a single fast Wave projectile similar to Fae Round -icon Fae Round.
  • Before it recovers, shooting a Compressed Shock Ball into it will break it again and separate all the Jellerics that form the blob. Defeating the Jellerics is the only way to deal direct damage to SBS, with four of them being enough to progress into each phase. SBS will recover from breaking if the player doesn't break it again or defeats the Jellerics fast enough.

Phase 2

  • Tackles the player twice.
  • Jumps twice in a row.
  • Charges and fires a slow homing Wave projectile that explodes after reaching the player or not reaching them fast enough.
  • Breaking it once will cause it to generate a barrier that stays between it and the player, diverting any Compressed Shock Balls that are shot directly at it towards the upper or bottom wall. The Ball can only reach it if the player shoots it into a wall and quickly activates the correct pair of Compressor Bouncers so it can hit SBS from the side. If SBS is charging its attack and diverts the Ball, it stops the attack entirely.

Phase 3

  • Tackles thrice.
  • Jumps thrice in a row.
  • Fires two explosives in a row instead of one.
  • After breaking it once, SBS will divert the Compressed Shock Ball if the player tries to break it in the same way as in the last phase. When this happens, they have to quickly activate the other pair of Compressor Bouncers to actually hit and break SBS.

Phase 4

  • The blob becomes so small that SBS can be damaged directly. The boss also stops coming back to the center of the arena after moving and stays floating close to where it finished its last attack.
  • Attacks faster.

Strategies[ | ]

  • Fighting the Jellerics at the start of the fight doesn't change anything, but you can use them to gather SP before the fight actually begins.
  • Radiant Swarm -icon Radiant Swarm is insanely effective at breaking SBS.
  • Melee doesn't break the boss much faster than Balls.
  • Ice Tornado-icon Ice Tornado helps getting rid of the Jellerics before SBS can recover.

Locations[ | ]

So'najiz Temple
  • Bouncing Suprise

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