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The Slider is an enemy in CrossWorlds, exclusive to the A New Home DLC. It only appears during the second Para Island Raid attempt.

Appearance[ | ]

The Slider is a small turret with a white top. As its name suggests, it slides on the floor to move, leaving a trail of white squares on the floor and retracting its cannon.

Combat[ | ]

This turret's only attack is shooting a single ball the player. Before that, it blinks red, takes greater damage from attacks and its cannon becomes surrounded by a white aura. The pillars at the back of the arena will spawn one or two Sliders every 8 seconds for however long the raid lasts, but they can also spawn a Big Slider instead.

Strategies[ | ]

As with many enemies in the game, their power lies within their numbers, so focus on taking each of them one as fast as possible. Their attack is clearly telegraphed so you won't be caught by surprise. Aside from that, they are the simplest and least dangerous of the many elements you have worry about during the Raid Boss.

Locations[ | ]

Autumn's Fall

  • In the sky (only accesible during the Raid)

Gallery[ | ]