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So'najiz Temple, or the Wave Dungeon, is a location in CrossWorlds. It is one of three Ancient temples located in the centre of Gaia's Garden, along with Zir'vitar Temple and the Grand Krys'kajo. So'najiz can be completed either before or after Zir'vitar, making it the fourth or fifth dungeon in the game. The Shock element is obtained here, along with the Radiant KeyRadiant Key, which allows the player to open Gold Chests. The temple makes use of enemies based on the Wave element, and gives the player access to its opposite, the Shock element, in order to progress.

The intended pronunciation of the temple's name gives the 'j' a 'y' sound, as is common in German, making the name a pun on "so nice".

So'najiz Temple

This temple is the third or fourth challenge a Seeker needs to master in order to progress on the Track of the Ancients. Other than the previous temples, both this one and the Zir'vitar Temple can be completed in any order. In this Temple the Seeker can acquire the element: Shock.

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Layout[ | ]

The temple technically has two floors, although the ground floor consists only of an entrance room. The rest of the temple is located underwater on floor U1. After descending to U1 and passing through a few puzzle rooms, Lea will reach the end of the very long Trial of Persistence, most of which is blocked off. Here, Lea finds a key, which can open one of two paths leading north and south. The paths are mirrors of each other, and both lead to a tangle of puzzle rooms where a second key can be found, which is used to continue on, crossing over the Trial of Persistence on a high bridge. A few more puzzle rooms will lead Lea to a high balcony at the end of the Trial of Persistence, where she can activate a switch and teleport back to the start of the Trial, where a second key to unlock the other path can be found. After activating both switches, the path into the actual Trial of Persistence will open.

The Trial of Persistence is a long gauntlet of enemies that must be fought sequentially, without leaving battle and with no autosaves. Like the similar gauntlet in Zir'vitar Temple, this serves in place of what would be a mid-boss in the larger temples. At the end, Lea finds both the Radiant KeyRadiant Key and the Shock element. From here, only the dungeon's final bounce puzzle and one last battle stand between Lea and the boss room.

Connecting Regions[ | ]

The only connected area is Gaia's Garden, via Entry Test and Bouncing Surprise.

Rooms[ | ]

Sonajiz temple-map

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Areas of So'najiz Temple
# Area Name Floor
1 Entry Test GF
2 Principle of Conveyance U1
3 Trial of Fishing U1
4 Principle of Attraction U1
5 Trial of Persistence U1
6 Moving Attraction U1
7 Trial of Attraction U1
8 Slowing Attraction U1
9 Captivated Conveyance U1
10 Trial of Wobble U1
11 Standing Attraction U1
12 Trial of Conveyance U1
13 Conveyable Attraction U1
14 Chaining Conveyance U1
15 Trial of Base Colors U1
16 Trial of Impulses U1
17 Standing Conveyance U1
18 Fast Conveyance U1
19 Flaming Conveyance U1
20 Trial of Channels U1
21 Attracting Conveyance U1
22 Chamber of Shock U1
23 Conclusion of Conveyance U1
24 Trial of Conduct U1
25 Bouncing Surprise U1

Treasures[ | ]

The dungeon contains 12 treasures, many of which are well hidden. The most notable is the Radiant KeyRadiant Key, needed to open golden chests.


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Acc. Type Contains Location Info
1 Treasure-default Normal 4 × Energy EspressoEnergy Espresso Principle of Conveyance Activate the tesla coil to spawn the chest
2 Treasure-key Key 1 × So'najiz KeySo'najiz Key Trial of Persistence Defeat the first group of enemies to spawn the chest
3 Treasure-default Normal 1 × LV47Sneaky ShivSneaky Shiv Standing Attraction Chest is partially hidden behind a wall
4 Treasure-key Key 1 × So'najiz KeySo'najiz Key Moving Attraction Enter from Standing Attraction to access
5 Treasure-default Normal 6 × Snack MixSnack Mix Slowing Attraction
6 Treasure-key Key 1 × So'najiz KeySo'najiz Key Trial of Persistence Activate the tesla coil at the end of the north path to spawn the chest
7 Treasure-key Key 1 × So'najiz KeySo'najiz Key Fast Conveyance
8 Treasure-default Normal 3 × Living BoltLiving Bolt Flaming Conveyance Activate the tesla coil to spawn the chest
9 Treasure-default Normal 3 × Sea DiscSea Disc Attracting Conveyance Activate the tesla coil to spawn the chest
10 Treasure-key Key 1 × So'najiz KeySo'najiz Key Trial of Persistence Activate the tesla coil at the end of the south path to spawn the chest
11 Treasure-silver Silver 1 × Radiant KeyRadiant Key Trial of Persistence
12 Treasure-gold Gold 1 × Epic MetalEpic Metal Trial of Persistence Collect the Radiant KeyRadiant Key to unlock this chest

Enemies[ | ]

Enemies of So'najiz Temple
Name Sprite Drops Locations
Glow PearGlow Pear[1] Trial of Fishing, Trial of Wobble, Trial of Conveyance, Trial of Base Colors, Trial of Persistence, Trial of Conduct[2]
Slime DropSlime Drop[1] Trial of Persistence[2]
Slime DropSlime Drop, EmeraldEmerald[3] Trial of Persistence, Trial of Wobble, Bouncing Surprise[4]
Plain CubePlain Cube, EmeraldEmerald[3] Trial of Attraction, Trial of Conveyance, Trial of Persistence, Trial of Conduct
Palette BlossomPalette Blossom[1] Trial of Base Colors
Blue Ray
Sea DiscSea Disc, EmeraldEmerald[3] Trial of Impulses, Trial of Channels, Trial of Persistence, Trial of Conduct
Sir Blobus Starnikus (boss)
None Bouncing Surprise[2]
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Additional drops not possible due to combat rank being disabled in dungeon
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Does not respawn
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 With Garden BoosterGarden Booster enabled
  4. Spawned by Sir Blobus Starnikus

Role in the Plot[ | ]

In CrossWorlds[ | ]

The So'najiz Temple is an important destination for Seekers, who travel here to collect the Shock element. The temple is paired with the Zir'vitar Temple, and Seekers can complete the two in any order, but must complete both in order to progress to the Grand Krys'kajo. For completing the temple, G'oni awards the Seekers with the Azure Drop ShadeAzure Drop Shade, and the Trackwalker General offers an additional reward of a Circuit OverrideCircuit Override.

In CrossCode[ | ]

Lea completes the So'najiz Temple racing against Emilie and C'tron. This can be done in any order, before or after the Zir'vitar Temple. If Lea completes the dungeon in under 60 minutes, she will come in first, with C'tron second and Emilie last. Otherwise, C'tron will come in first, Emilie second and Lea last.

Trophies[ | ]

Main article: Trophies
The Final Key
Collect the Radiant KeyRadiant Key at the end of the Trial of Persistence.
Lightning Returns
Obtain the Shock element in Chamber of Shock.
The Canonical Enemy
Defeat Sir Blobus Starnikus at the end of the temple in Bouncing Surprise.
At the Speed of Sound
To maintain your pride as Spheromancer ("Lea wait!"), you have only 60 mins to win the race against Emilie, so get a move on.
Grand Scavenger
Obtain all chests in So'najiz Temple; see #Chests.