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Some Test Cup is an Arena cup from the A New Home DLC. It includes only one fight, against the DON'T USE THIS boss. In-story, this cup was likely added as a surprise for Lea by Kit.

Description: Unused cup, maybe add some description here. PS: Sergey is a dork!
Level: 75
Difficulty: Arena-Difficulty-5
Rounds: 1
Unlock method: Completion of the quest An unfortunate Series of Features, and starting the A New Home postgame DLC.

As a DLC Cup, all Ascended equipment you wear will be scaled to the level of the cup. Since this cup only includes one round, there is no Rush Mode.

Name Objective Enemies Score Bonus Objectives
01: Round 1 - The only Round Kill the thing. And make sure to remove this cup later.

Silver-medal-sprite 87500

Gold-medal-sprite 125000

Platinum-medal-sprite 150000

  • Time Bonus: 2:30 Minutes (10000 Points)
  • Take less than 150 Hits (7500 Points)
  • Use less than 0 Items (7500 Points)

Trivia[ | ]

  • This cup has no menu picture, although this makes sense given the nature of the cup.
  • The Items Used bonus objective is set impossibly low, and can never be obtained.
  • This is the only arena cup to give a reward other than Arena Coins. Completing the cup for the first time will give Lea the Ultra Secret NoteUltra Secret Note.