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Disambig.svg This article is about a boss from A New Home. For the boss fought in Grand Krys'kajo, see Son of the East.

The Son of the Beach is an organic boss in CrossWorlds. It is encountered in Azure Archipelago, as part of the quest Beach Fight.

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Son of the Beach

A powerful ape, serving as the unbeaten guardian and champion of the Azure Archipelago. The peaceful task has left him with an eternity of time to ponder the meaning of the universe and at this point he is terminally bored and craves a proper fight. Though at first glance this lanky primate might lack in style and grace, he is actually much more powerful than his distant cousin, the Son of the East. In fact, he is able to skillfully wield all four elements, a feat almost unheard of, outside of experienced Seekers.

-Monster Fibula report


The Son of the Beach, just like his distant cousin, is a red-brown ape with a green gem on his forehead, with the main difference being his clothes and weapon. He uses a fishing pole with a purple end and wears green spotted trunks, an orange, short-sleeved spotted shirt, and a pair of sunglasses.


Phase 1

  • Jumps back, dashes towards the player and hits them with his fishing pole.
  • Spins his staff over his head, granting himself an elemental shield that can be broken by attacking it with the contrary element, and his fishing pole elemental damage. He can use any of the four elements in the game and breaking the shield also breaks him along with removing his fishing pole’s elemental properties, leaving him exposed and unable to attack for a short time.

Phase 2

  • Begins by riding his cloud and throwing three random projectiles in a row, which can be a lightning strike, a snowball that leaves three icicles around the placed it fell on, or a meteorite that’s thrown with a small delay. He finishes by throwing a mixed projectile composed of a Shock ball, a Heat ball right over it and a ring of icicles around both. The Shock one will try to suck the player in while the Heat one shoots three lasers, after which a huge thunder that lasts a few seconds falls over the two and disappears along with the icicles that haven’t been destroyed.
  • His imbued fishing pole has a different effect after each swing depending on its element. Cold causes it to release a snowflake cloud which flies aimlessly and invokes a trail of icicles in the player’s direction when it disappears, Heat makes it so that getting hit causes a meteor to fall from the sky indicated by a red crosshair, Shock causes it to release a small ball that tries to hit the player once and turns into an electric current connected to the Son of the Beach (the connection being telegraphed by a line) and Wave allows it to create a transparent clone that attacks the player if not hit quickly with any attack.
  • Spinning his fishing pole while having an elemental shield allows him to use especially powerful attacks which leave him tired after being used, making his shield more vulnerable before he begins moving again. He jumps to the center of the arena when using them except for the Wave one.
    • Heat: Four flamethrower attacks come out in a cross pattern and spin counterclockwise, finishing with the Son of the Beach shooting a laser at the player.
    • Cold: The fishing pole creates an icy tornado that sucks the player in while streams of icicles occasionally go out in their direction, finishing with the Son of the Beach throwing a snowflake cloud that locks the player in place and releases them right before summoning a huge ice spike from the floor.
    • Shock: Acts similarly to the projectile that appears with each of his fishing pole swings. Six small Shock balls are shot at the player, which move around unpredictably and suddenly form an electric current from the Son of the Beach’s location.
    • Wave: Summons two portals to his sides and two Wave bombs which are thrown at the player after a few seconds. The intended way of dodging this is teleporting right being reached by the bombs.

Phase 3

  • While throwing projectiles, the snowball leaves four icicles around its landing zone and the thunder shoots four electric currents in the player’s direction, also telegraphed with straight lines.
  • Attacks with his fishing pole twice in a row.
  • The player must break two of his shields to actually break him, however, he can be damaged normally while he hasn’t regenerated it.
  • Wave grants him a new attack where he disappears briefly and ambushes the player with two clones. After a few seconds, the three will attack the player with their fishing poles, however, attacking the real ape once will destroy the clones and stop the attack entirely.
  • While spinning his fishing pole, makes half an icicle ring around the player before the ice spike appears on Cold mode, and shoots seven Shock balls while on Shock mode.

Phase 4

  • While riding his cloud, snowballs release five icicles and the thunder shoots five electric currents.
  • Heat shield generates a damaging fire circle around him, and Cold shield covers the floor with ice, making it slippery.
  • When using his basic fishing pole attack, Cold and Wave modes summon two snowflake clouds and clones on the second swing, respectively, while the electric currents caused by Shock mode can appear with a small delay.
  • On the attacks caused by spinning his fishing pole, he shoots one Fae Round projectile along with the two bombs if he is on Wave mode, and shoots eight small Shock balls if he is on Shock mode.

Phase 5

  • Snowballs release six icicles, meteorites are thrown in pairs, lightning strikes release a second homing one, and the icicle ring formed during the mixed projectile has two layers.
  • Getting hit by the fishing pole while he’s on Heat mode summons two meteorites, and if he’s on Shock mode, the second swing releases two small Shock balls.
  • He creates three clones on his ambush attack.
  • While spinning his fishing pole, depending on his element, he shoots two Fae Rounds along with the two Wave bombs, shoots nine small Shock balls, or an icicle ring with a smaller opening.
  • His shield must be broken thrice to actually break him.

Phase 6

  • Snowballs release seven icicles, and both the Heat and Shock ball attack way faster, firing five lasers and six electric currents.
  • Swings his staff thrice, with the second swing acting like the first one and the third one releasing three snowflake clouds, clones or two Shock balls depending on the element used.
  • His fishing pole spin, depending on his element, shoots three Wave bombs, ten small Shock balls, or an icicle ring with an even smaller opening.
  • He ambushes the player with four clones.
  • His shield must be broken four times to actually break him.


This ape is an extremely formidable opponent. Getting caught by any of his attacks can cause a chain reaction that leads to you having to repeat the fight all over again, so not being greedy with your offense is vital. The strategies that apply to the Son of the East also apply to the attacks this boss borrows from him.

  • The thunder can be neutralized entirely by guiding it to one corner of the arena and then running to the other. Because the laser and current’s range is limited, they won’t be able to reach you from such a distance.
  • Getting caught by the electric currents from the thunder or the Shock balls released while the boss spins his fishing pole is a death sentence most of the time, since they will deal massive damage and cause Jolt, making you unable to use items unless you have the Leaf Bracer Modifier.
  • Focus only on dodging while the Son of the Beach spins his fishing pole and attacks. Heat and Cold require you to move constantly while Shock and Wave need you to react on the right moment.
  • Even if this might seem obvious, don’t attack with melee if the boss has the fire circle around him.
  • Breaking his shield multiple times isn’t necessary to defeat him because his defense is normal while he doesn’t have it, meaning that you can use a powerful Combat Arts and reach the next phase faster.
  • Using Dash Arts is extremely useful if the floor is slippery, since they grant invincibility and allow quick turns. They can also be used to escape icicle rings.
  • Clones and icicles can fall off the arena if they appear too close to the border.
  • Learning his Heat mode patterns is easier since they change the least among each phase.


Azure Archipelago
  • Ape Island


"Seeker. I am the guardian of this peaceful island. Long have I been undisturbed. But now, humans have come and are crawling all around me, left and right. Hoho, you misunderstand! This is exciting! Finally, opponents for me to challenge. No more sitting around with nothing but fishing to pass the time! Seeker, do me the honor and meet me in combat. I shall gladly test your abilities." - First encounter.

"HA, splendid! I will gladly await your challenge, young one!" - Accepting his quest.

"Seeker. Are you ready to face me?" - Talking to him after accepting his quest.

"I see. You want to prepare yourself. So be it. But don't leave me waiting much longer. I already endured half an eternity without challenge." - Picking [No].

"Good! The time has finally come! We shall hold our epic battle in an undisturbed arena. You will see. But for now... Hold on tight! And off we go!" - Picking [Yes, start the battle].

"There we are, Seeker. This shall be our battleground. Now, be on your guard!" - Beginning of the fight.

"Ha... You beat me! Splendid! Indeed, a battle for the ages! Too epic even for your human books of history! But let us return and continue our talk back on the main island! Time to hold tight again, Seeker." - After defeating him.

"Yes, Seeker. That was a splendid fight! I haven't felt so alive in ages! But now I will take another rest and savor the sun. I mean... Guard this island, of course. Goodbye!" - After getting back from the fight.



  • His monster fibula entry references the DK Rap from Donkey Kong 64, specifically the verses that describe Lanky Kong.
  • He is the strongest boss in the entire game, even surpassing Di'orbis and Sidwell with his stats.