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The Son of the East is an organic boss in CrossWorlds. He can be found in Grand Krys'kajo.

Organic Boss
Son of the East

Born atop a mountain from a magic stone, this wise ape serves as the caretaker of both the Grand Krys'kajo and the Ancient Guardian. He will test each Seeker to make sure only the worthy acquire the Star Shade. He wields a long staff and flies around on a puffy little cloud. Although his job is to test Seekers, it seems he enjoys a good and honest fight.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

An red-brown ape in black and purple armor with light blue vambraces. He has a bright green gem on its forehead and wields an staff as his main weapon. His color scheme represents the two elements he masters: Shock and Wave. He can also fly thanks to an orange cloud he can summon at will.

Combat[ | ]

The Son of the East is fought at both the midway point and end of Grand Krys'kajo.

First encounter[ | ]

His battle is divided into 3 sections:

Phase 1

  • Dashes towards the player and swings his staff in an arc once.
  • Spins his staff over his head and creates a Shock or Wave shield, also imbuing the staff. He won't repeat this action until the shield is broken.
  • The shield will reduce damage and can be broken by hitting the Son of the East with the opposite element.

Phase 2

  • After reaching 2/3 of his health, he will summon a cloud and float above the player while firing lightning bolts, finishing with a big one that lasts a bit longer and hits harder.
  • If the Shock shield is active, he can spin his staff and shoot 3 electric balls which are connected by transparent lines. These move erratically and, after a few seconds, lightning is shot from the staff in the ball's directions.
  • If the Wave shield is active instead, spinning his staff causes him to spawn 2 Wave balls circling around him, along with 2 Wave Teleporters. The balls will follow the player and attempt to explode on proximity. One can use any of the portals to dodge.
  • He now dashes and swings his staff twice.

Phase 3

  • When he reaches his last third of health, he will use the same attack as in phase 2, but faster. The final lightning bolt now fires lightning in the same fashion as the Shock shield attack.
  • The staff swing attack is done thrice.
  • Shock shield attack now shoots 6 electric balls.
  • Wave shield attack is faster.
  • Unlocks a new Wave attack. He disappears for a moment and reappears around you along with 2 clones. The player must shoot the real Son of the East, which is opaque while his clones are transparent. If a fake ape is shot or the player takes to long, all three of them will hit the player with their staffs.

Second encounter[ | ]

The Son of the East now helps the Ancient Guardian on the final fight. He sits on top of it while its not attacking and accompanies its attacks with lightning bolts after the whale reaches 1/3 of its health. If the whale breaks twice in a row, he will attempt to stabilize it and the player will be able to push him off and fight him directly. How to do so is explained in the Ancient Guardian's page. Fighting him alone goes almost exactly the same except for a few differences:

  • If he is pushed off the tree, he will summon his cloud and float back into the arena.
  • His staff attack is only done once each time in phase 2, and twice in phase 3.
  • In case the player takes out the whale first, he will become enraged.

Enraged phase

  • Activates a shield as soon as the fight begins.
  • Dashes and swings his staff thrice.
  • Shock shield attack shoots 7 electric balls.
  • Wave shield attack spawns 3 wave balls.
  • Spawns 3 clones instead of 2.
  • Is overall faster.

Strategies[ | ]

  • His base attack can be dodged by Dashing twice to the side or using a Dash Combat Art that allows you to go through enemies while damaging them.
  • Electric balls can be dodged by dashing right before they are fired, while Wave balls are avoidable if you teleport at the right second or run far away.
  • Try not to push him off the arena in the second fight because that might allow him to create a shield right as he comes back.
  • After destroying a shield, use your strongest Combat Art so you don't have to endure the fight for longer. The ape himself isn't resistant or weak to any elements after all.
  • Don't use melee when he's firing electric balls, as you will take massive damage.

Locations[ | ]

Grand Krys'kajo
  • Trial of the West
  • Crowning Tops

Dialogue[ | ]

"Another strange visitor has arrived at the roots. One trying to reach the top of Krys'kajo as well? One needs to prove the mastery of Shock and Wave for one to ascend. I shall watch this one closely." – First encounter

"One has ascended the tree. One proved mastery of Shock and Wave. Now it is time for one to take another challenge… for one to fight another master of Shock and Wave!" – Beginning of the first fight

"One has proven the mastery of Shock and Wave. Yet this was not one's final challenge. I will meet this one again!" – After being defeated for the first time

"One has reached the very top of Grand Krys'kajo. Standing high above earth, one is now ready. …to fight the Guardian of Krys'kajo." – Beggining of the second fight

"One has fully ascended Krys’kajo and shown true mastery of Shock and Wave. Visitor from far-away. I congratulate you. Farewell." – After being defeated for the second time

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Son of the East is referred to as "APE" by his health bar, similarly to the Ancient Guardian ("WHALE") and The Goatfather ("GOAT"). In his case, it is likely to differentiate his health from the Ancient Guardian's.
  • This character is loosely based on the real-life Chinese legendary figure Sun Wukong, AKA the Monkey King. Both are primates born from stones in the mountains, and skilled fighters who wield a staff and can fly by riding on clouds.
  • Despite being referred to as an ape both by Emilie and the game, apes don't have tails like the Son of the East does.