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The CrossCode soundtrack was primarily composed for the game by Deniz "Intero" Akbulut, with some additional songs composed by はがね/STEEL_PLUS and Teflora.

Official Soundtrack[ | ]

The official soundtrack contains the majority of the songs that can be heard in CrossCode. It is divided into two discs, and composed entirely by Intero.

There are two physical versions of the official soundtrack. One was bundled with the Collector's Edition, while the other was sold separately. The two versions have different cover art, and the separately-sold version also comes with liner notes and a reversible second cover art. However, the track listings of the two versions are identical.

Disc Lea / Disc 1

Name Used Link
1 Title Plays on the title screen. [1]
2 Mysterious Place Plays at the beginning of the prologue, in most shade rooms at the ends of areas, and frequently when speaking to the Gods of Shape or the Trackwalker General in Expo-Space. [2]
3 Fierce Battle Plays in many scripted dungeon fights, as well as the prologue, the Old Dojo fight, the Last Minute Help Needed final fight, the battle outside Vermillion Tower, while fighting Sao, and the Lost and On the Run final fight. [3]
4 Distant Future Plays during the opening title at the end of the prologue, and during the CrossWorlds: New Horizons teaser. [4]
5 Awakened Plays when Lea is first initialized, when you obtain the Circuit upgrade, in Cross Central, in Meta - Space, and when Luke is initialized in Homestedt. [5]
6 Cargo Hold Background music in the M.S. Solar cargo hold. [6]
7 Battle 1 Standard music in battles without combat rank (dungeon battles), and is also used during Jet's training and Training with the Master. [7]
8 M.S. Solar Background music in the M.S. Solar outside the cargo hold. [8]
9 Welcome to CrossWorlds Plays when looking at the view of Rhombus Square, after the final battle in The Goatfather, when meeting Albert to discuss Ivan, and when meeting your friends at the end of Ku'lero Temple. [9]
10 Challenge 1 Plays in many miniboss or challenge fights and most normal Arena roungs, as well as the Bergen monk trials, the Ba'kii Kum distillery, and the Trial of Insight. [10]
11 Taking What Does Not Belong The Blue Avatar's theme; plays during the confrontations with the Blue Avatar in the M.S. Solar, Bergen Trail Excluded Mountain Top, and outside Vermillion Tower. [11]
12 Boss Battle Plays when fighting the Huge Hostile Crab, X01 Driller H.F.S., Master Magmoth, Ancient Guardian, Para Island Boss, as well as the elemental Guardian Statues in the Arena only. [12]
13 CrossCounter! Plays both times Jet shoots the Blue Avatar with the Solar Fist. [13]
14 Escape Plays while fleeing the Blue Avatar in the M.S. Solar cargo hold, and when confronting The Goatfather at the end of The Goatfather. [14]
15 Newcomer's Bridge Background music in Newcomer's Bridge and Facility X. [15]
16 Rhombus Dungeon Background music in the Rhombus Dungeon. [16]
17 Challenge 2 Plays in many larger boss fights or climactic challenge fights, several more challenging Arena rounds, and the Turret Defense challenges. [17]
18 Valse d'Ahoge Emilie's theme; plays after the Rhombus Dungeon race, when meeting Emilie in Maroon Valley, when Emilie messages you at the end of Maroon Tree Defender, and when reconciling with Emilie in Gaia's Garden. [18]
19 The Path of Justice Apollo's theme; plays during all Apollo duels, when Apollo confronts Lea in Newcomer's Bridge, Autumn's Rise and Ba'kii Kum, and when reuniting with Apollo in Homestedt. [19]
20 Rookie Harbor Background music in Rookie Harbor, the Autumn's Rise guild village, and Homestedt. [20]
21 Autumn's Rise Background music in Autumn's Rise. [21]
22 Battle 2 Standard battle music in battles with combat rank (exploration areas). [22]
23 Travelling Together Plays when talking to Emilie near the end of Autumn's Rise, when meeting Emilie outside the Maroon Tree, when first viewing Lukas's room, during Luke's re-introduction in Homestedt, and during the barbeque. [23]
24 Lea! Lea's theme; typically plays when Lea logs in at the start of a new day, as well as when Lea gathers her friends to reveal the truth about herself. [24]
25 Bergen Trail Background music in Bergen Trail. [25]
26 Bergen Village Background music in Bergen Village. [26]
27 Briefing Plays during the Bergen Village initiation, the Ba'kii Kum initiation, at the start of both Para Island Raids, on obtaining the Meteor ShadeMeteor Shade, during the meeting to discuss the Vermillion Raid, on obtaining the Ancient ShadeAncient Shade, during the meeting to discuss the Ku'lero Temple, and on finding The Secret of the Ancients. [27]
28 First Scholars Background music in the First Scholars guild and the dev room. [28]
29 Temple Mine Background music in the Temple Mine. [29]
30 Improvising Plays during the First Scholars entrance quiz, the briefings for both Para Island Raids, Luke's tour of Vermillion Wasteland, and Ketin D'Kar's explanations of his situation in Ba'kii Kum and Basin Keep. [30]
31 Maroon Valley Background music in Maroon Valley. [31]
32 Ba'kii Kum Background music in Ba'kii Kum. [32]
33 Shocking Reveal Plays when Sergey reveals Lea is in a coma. [33]
34 Temple of the Valley Background music in the Faj'ro Temple and the Barren Temple. [34]
35 Lucid Dream Plays during the dream of the secret path in Sapphire Ridge that Lea has after the Faj'ro Temple. [35]
36 Autumn's Fall Background music in Autumn's Fall. [36]
37 Raid Plays during both Para Island Raids, the Son of the East fight, and rush mode in most non-boss Arena cups. [37]
38 The Experience Plays both times when fighting the Blue Avatar. [38]

Disc Shizuka / Disc 2

Name Used Link
1 Imprisoned Plays several times when Lea is locked in her room in Vermillion Wasteland, as well as when C'tron remembers the entrance to Vermillion Wasteland, and when he starts to remember who he worked with there. [39]
2 Vermillion Wasteland Background music in Vermillion Wasteland. [40]
3 Battle 3 Default battle music in Vermillion Wasteland, Vermillion Dungeon, Vermillion Tower, and Ku'lero Temple. [41]
4 Confrontation Plays when Shizuka confronts Lea in Vermillion Wasteland, and when Lea confronts C'tron in Homestedt. [42]
5 Sadness Plays when Luke comforts Lea in Vermillion Wasteland, during Lea's final dream of Sidwell, during Sergey's reflections at the end of the main game, and when Luke talks with the First Scholars after the second Para Island Raid. [43]
6 Infiltration Plays during the stealth sequences in Vermillion Wasteland and during the Mushroom Kingdom quest, as well as in the secret passage from Sapphire Ridge to Vermillion Wasteland. [44]
7 Separated Again Background music in the Vermillion Dungeon. [45]
8 Hack Your Way! Plays while Lea breaks through walls in the Vermillion Dungeon, and while hacking Shredders in the Vermillion Raid. [46]
9 Escape Again Plays while fleeing the Blue Avatar in the Vermillion Dungeon, and at the start of the Sidwell fight. [47]
10 Exponential Growth Plays early in the fights against Gastropolis and Sidwell. [48]
11 Exponential Conclusion Plays in the later parts of the fights against Gastropolis and Sidwell, as well as in the fight outside Vermillion Tower at the end of the Vermillion Raid and the final enemy gauntlet in Ku'lero Temple. [49]
12 Past Events Plays during Sergey's exposition after the escape from Vermillion Wasteland, when Lea reaches the Evotar Server, during C'tron's breakdown after being confronted by Lea, when Emilie learns the truth about C'tron, and when the truth about C'tron is revealed to everyone. [50]
13 Gaia's Garden Background music in Gaia's Garden. [51]
14 Basin Keep Background music in Basin Keep. [52]
15 Temple of the Lake Background music in So'najiz Temple, the Lost Shrine, and the Omni Gilders basement. [53]
16 Temple of Thunder Background music in Zir'vitar Temple. [54]
17 Temple of the Grand Tree Background music in the Grand Krys'kajo. [55]
18 Sapphire Ridge Background music in Sapphire Ridge. [56]
19 Rhombus Square Background music in Rhombus Square. [57]
20 Old Hideout Background music in the Old Hideout. [58]
21 Shizuka Plays when fighting Shizuka and The Goatfather. [59]
22 True Intention Plays when Satoshi reveals what happened after leaving Instatainment, when Gautham betrays Sidwell, when Sergey reveals that C'tron was a spy, when Lea confronts C'tron about who he is, and when C'tron finally remembers the full truth after the Sidwell fight. [60]
23 Vermillion Dungeon Background music in the Vermillion Tower. [61]
24 The Ultimate Experience Plays while fighting The Creator. [62]
25 Ending Plays during the credits, and during the A New Home pre-credits cutscenes. [63]
26 Promo Trailer Used for trailers, and does not appear in-game. [64]

CrossCode Vinyl[ | ]

The CrossCode soundtrack was also released as a 2xLP vinyl. Due to length limits, this version had a shorter track listing containing selected songs from the main soundtrack.

Side A (Heat)

1 Title
2 Awakened
3 Cargo Hold
4 Welcome to CrossWorlds
5 Rhombus Dungeon
6 Challenge 2
7 Valse d'Ahoge
8 The Path of Justice
9 Rookie Harbor
10 Autumn's Rise
11 Battle 2

Side B (Cold)

1 Lea!
2 Bergen Trail
3 Briefing
4 First Scholars
5 Improvising
6 Shocking Reveal
7 Autumn's Fall
8 Raid
9 The Experience

Side C (Wave)

1 Vermillion Wasteland
2 Battle 3
3 Sadness
4 Hack Your Way!
5 Escape Again
6 Exponential Growth
7 Exponential Conclusion
8 Past Events
9 Sapphire Ridge
10 Rhombus Square

Side D (Shock)

1 Old Hideout
2 Shizuka
3 True Intention
4 Vermillion Dungeon
5 The Ultimate Experience
6 Ending

CrossCode Soundtrack EX[ | ]

This additional soundtrack release contains several songs that were added to the game after the main soundtrack was released, including 3 songs created by はがね/STEEL_PLUS for the A New Home DLC. The EX soundtrack also includes several unused and removed tracks, and earlier versions of some revised tracks.

The EX soundtrack has only been released digitally.

Name Used Link
1 Arena Lobby Background music in the Arena lobby. [65]
2 Boss Rush Plays during the Carkat highway fights, and in the Arena, mainly during Rush mode of faction cups. [66]
3 Glitch Background music in the glitch area. [67]
4 S-Rank Battle Plays while fighting at S-rank, and in the A New Home credits. [68]
5 Azure Archipelago Created by はがね/STEEL_PLUS. Background music in Azure Archipelago. [69]
6 Temple of the Crater Created by はがね/STEEL_PLUS. Background music in Ku'lero Temple. [70]
7 One Last Trial Created by はがね/STEEL_PLUS. Plays while fighting Di'orbis. [71]
8 Unknown (Unused) An unused track. [72]
9 Title (Early-Access, 2015) A beta version of Title. The track was rewritten for the full release, as the original files were lost. [73]
10 P.G. Dungeon (Early-Access, 2015) A placeholder track used in several places during Early Access: the TechDemo++ puzzle challenge, Puzzle Mode, the Temple Mine, and the Infested Cavern. The original song is from Peuteris Grey, an unfinished game that some of the developers worked on before CrossCode. [74]
11 M.S. Solar (Early-Access, 2015) A beta version of M.S. Solar. The track was rewritten for the full release, as the original files were lost. [75]
12 Welcome to CrossWorlds (Unused, 2015) An unused early version of Welcome to CrossWorlds. [76]
13 Challenge (Early-Access, 2015) A beta version of Challenge. The track was rewritten for the full release, as the original files were lost. [77]
14 Autumn's Rise (Early-Access, 2015) A beta version of Autumn's Rise. This track was rewritten for the full release as the original track was thought to be too repetitive. [78]
15 Title (Techdemo++, 2013) A track used on the title screen of the Techdemo++. Unrelated to the current track of the same name. [79]
16 Awakened (Techdemo++, 2013) A beta version of Awakened from the Techdemo++. [80]
17 Cargo Hold (Techdemo++, 2013) A beta version of Cargo Hold from the Techdemo++. [81]
18 Battle (Techdemo++, 2013) A beta version of Battle 1 from the Techdemo++. [82]

CrossCode ~ The Ultimate Arrange[ | ]

An official remix album, consisting of several arrangements and covers of songs from the main soundtrack.

The Ultimate Arrange has only been released digitally.

Name Artist Link
1 Title Dale North [83]
2 Mysterious Place Takahiro Eguchi [84]
3 Valse d'Ahoge ああああ [85]
4 The Path of Justice Qwesta [86]
5 Autumn's Rise は​が​ね/STEEL_PLUS [87]
6 Lea! Shibayan [88]
7 Raid Daph [89]
8 Battle 3 James Landino [90]
9 Hack Your Way! Tony Thai [91]
10 Temple of Thunder Sondai Nishijima [92]
11 Sapphire Ridge quarkimo [93]
12 Shizuka Shogo Nomura [94]
13 The Ultimate Experience Cryptovolans and Chimeratio [95]
14 Ending Kohta Takahashi [96]

Other Songs[ | ]

There are also several songs in the game that do not appear on any of the soundtrack releases. These mostly consist of short jingles, including some references to other media, short looping tracks, and ambient tracks. Although none of these songs are explicitly credited, most of them were created by CrossCode's sound designer, Teflora.

As these songs do not have official names, the names given here are taken from the game's audio files.

Name Used
Dream 1 A single-note drone that plays during several dreams, during the cutaways to Gautham's office, during the first encounter with Sidwell, when meeting the Blue Avatar at the top of Vermillion Tower, when Gautham logs off, and when Lea realizes who C'tron is.
Beatbox 1 Beatboxing by Peng King Dakara during the blue group attack.
Beatbox 2 Beatboxing by Peng King Dakara during the green group attack.
Beatbox 3 Beatboxing by Peng King Dakara during the red group attack.
Shop Jingle A jingle that plays in spots in Basin Keep. Several different versions at different speeds and pitches can be heard.
Shop Jingle 2 A jingle that plays in Basin Keep Pond Slums.
Shop Jingle 3 A jingle that plays in Basin Keep High Grounds.
Shop Jingle Pepsi A jingle that plays in the southern black market of Basin Keep. This song is a cover of the Pepsi Man Theme Song.
CrosscoaaaAARGH A jingle that plays in the northern black market of Basin Keep.
Spooky Ambience An ambient track that plays during Pumpkin Land Superfun in Pumpkin Fun Land.
Quantum Plays near the Quantum Protocol crossover in the Sapphire Ridge Cave Inn. This song is a short sample of Effervescent from the Quantum Protocol OST.
EUROBEAT A short loop that plays from the drifting car in Rhombus Square Shopping District, and from the TV in Lea's attic in Homestedt.
loltest A jingle that plays from R.D.'s computer in the dev room.
EUROBEAT Outside A muffled version of EUROBEAT that plays downstairs and outside Lea's house in Homestedt while the TV is on.
Disco Low Background music in the Papagang disco in Basin Keep.
Disco Full Plays during the battle in the Papagang disco.
Evo Lab Subtle An ambient track that plays in the Vermillion Wasteland lab while first exploring the area.
Evo Lab Melody An ambient track that plays in the Vermillion Wasteland lab during C'tron's exposition in Meeting Room M04-02.
Evo Lab Mid An ambient track that plays in the Vermillion Wasteland lab after unlocking the path to Sidwell's office.
Evo Lab Dissonant An ambient track that plays in the Vermillion Wasteland lab while exploring Sidwell's office.
Evo Lab Heartbeat An ambient track that plays in the Vermillion Wasteland lab while opening the secret door in Sidwell's office.