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Special Points, or SP, are points used during combat to perform Combat Arts.

SP are shown as a row of small blocks in the main HUD after unlocking the Circuit. At first there are a maximum of 3 SP available for use which will increase in groups of 4 when progressing through the main story, up to a maximum of 16.

One-fourth of the available SP are colored blue when charged and solid grey when uncharged. These SP recharge automatically at all times, although they are much slower to do so in combat. The other half are colored purple when charged and checkered grey when uncharged, and drain automatically out of combat. SP can also be recharged by hitting an enemy, which is the only way to charge purple SP. A partially-charged SP appears as a small loading bar showing how charged it is. Each additional group of four SP will take longer to charge than the previous group.

SP are consumed to perform Combat Arts. Level 1 Combat Arts requires one fully-charged SP to be used, while those at level 2 require 3 SP, and those at level 3 require 6 SP.


The maximum SP points will increase from four to eight (2 max blue SP) after Lea has received the Red Flame ShadeRed Flame Shade at the end of the Faj'ro Temple, from eight to twelve (3 max blue SP) after receiving the Star ShadeStar Shade at the end of Grand Krys'kajo, and from twelve to sixteen (4 max blue SP) after receiving the Ancient ShadeAncient Shade at the end of Azure Archipelago (A New Home DLC).

Update 9.0[ | ]

The amount of blue points was reduced from 50% to 25% of the total SP in update 9.0, partially to balance the release of the Level 2 Combat Arts.