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Spheromancers are a class in CrossWorlds. They are associated with circles and the color red. They represent the Virtue of balance.


Spheromancer follow the Virtue of Balance. They are a class of all trades, balancing each classes advantages and deficits to create well-versed fighter. Spheromancers became quite rare since the class is not usually taken by a lot of players. Many consider the class as too weak or too challenging since players need to combine every tool in their arsenal to progress efficiently instead of having a clear focus. Additionally Spheromancers don't favor any Element and instead try to keep a balance between them.

-Encyclopedia Crossworlds entry

Class Description[ | ]

Spheromancers were the only class available when CrossWorlds was first released, with all other classes being added in subsequent updates. Due to this, Spheromancers are a highly balanced hybrid class with no clear analogue in a traditional class system. Their combat style is based primarily on ranged combat using Balls, but they are also capable of adapting their build to a wide range of combat techniques. Despite their versatility, the difficulty of specialization and the simplicity of Spheromancer armor design has caused this class to become very unpopular, and they are currently quite an uncommon sight. Their weapon of choice is the chakram.

All spheromancers seem to wear clothes with the color red or crimson.

Notable Spheromancers[ | ]

Shizuka Shizuka
A spheromancer, briefly playable during the prologue. Her brother has gotten her involved in some nasty business. Her connection to Lea is unknown.
Lea Lea
The main character of CrossCode. A spheromancer who has lost her memory and is playing CrossWorlds in an attempt to recover it.
Apollo Apollo
A dramatic, justice-obsessed spheromancer. Sets himself up as Lea's rival after suspecting her of cheating.

Minor Spheromancers[ | ]

Many other players of CrossWorlds can be encountered during the game. Many of the more notable ones, including quest-givers and recurring characters, can be found on the Minor Characters page.

Non-canon Spheromancers[ | ]

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