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In CrossWorlds, various stats affect the performance of a Seeker in combat. Within the game, stats are categorized into parameters, which directly affect combat, and modifiers, which affect more specific conditions and actions.

The value of a stat can be changed through either leveling up, using equipment, or activating circuits and switching between element modes. While in a elemental mode besides Neutral, 50% of Neutral circuit effects is combined with the current element's effects, leading elemental modes to generally be more powerful than Neutral mode. In addition, most consumables provide temporary buffs that affect stats during combat.

The average core stats used to balance the enemies can be found in this document.


These stats are the most crucial for improving combat performance. They generally increase throughout the game via obtaining better equipment, activating circuits, and (in the case of the first four stats) leveling up.

Max HP[]

Determines the amount of health you have, and therefore indirectly the amount of damage you can take in battle. Increased in circuits by activating "MaxHP +".


Abbrieviated as ATK. Increases the damage you deal when attacking. Increased in circuits by activating "Attack +".


Abbrieviated as DEF. Decreases the damage you receive when attacked and increases the effectiveness and durability of your shield. Increased in circuits by activating "Defense +".


Abbreviated as FOC. Increases the chance of landing a critical hit, and decreases the chance of receiving critical hits. Decreases the speed of receiving status effects and increases the speed of inflicting them, the length of invincibility during dashing, and rate of SP gain. Increased in circuits by activating "Focus +".

Heat Resistance[]

Decreases Heat damage taken. Increased in circuits by activating "Heat Armor".

Cold Resistance[]

Decreases Cold damage taken. Increased in circuits by activating "Cold Armor".

Shock Resistance[]

Decreases Shock damage taken. Increased in circuits by activating "Shock Armor".

Wave Resistance[]

Decreases Wave damage taken. Increased in circuits by activating "Wave Armor".


For the most part these stats have effects that apply to specific actions and conditions, in contrast with parameters. Modifiers usually improve as more circuits are activated, while they may vary as better equipment is obtained.


Increases number of available buff slots. Each additional 100% activates another slot.


Fires additional projectiles when using melee attacks with a fraction of the attack's strength.


Restores SP on guard based on the power of the attack. Double that for a perfect guard.


Slows down Overload while using an element.


Allows guarding from the sides. Stacking this effect allows guarding from above as well.


Increases damage dealt when at critical HP (below 33% of Max HP).


Combat Rank also increases the drop rate of items from environment objects.


Increase damage on enemies that are in stunned, weak or in break state.


Increases damage done by close combat attacks, including melee Combat Arts.

Bulk Calibre[]

Increases knockback from charged shots on enemies.


Increases critical hit damage.

Elemental Armor[]

Decreases all Elemental damage taken.

Extra Dash[]

Grants an additional dash.

Flash Step[]

Increases the duration of invincibility when dashing.

HP Regen[]

Regenerates given percentage of Max HP over 60 seconds of combat. Healing frequency increases with higher percentage.

Ice Skater[]

Allows normal movement on ice.

Iron Stance[]

Increases your knockback resistance to weak attacks, depending on Max HP.

Item Booster[]

Increases the effect of healing items and duration of buff items.


Increases the amount of credits you get from defeating enemies.

Leaf Bracer[]

Using Items cannot be stopped by any attacks. However you can still suffer damage.


Increases movement speed while aiming.

Lucky Lucky[]

Increases drop rate for items from enemies and environmental objects.


Increases damage dealt immediately after dashes. Repeated dashes further increase the damage.

Nimble Feet[]

Allows normal movement on spider webs.

Once More[]

Survive 1 attack that would kill you.

Pin Body[]

Damages enemies that hit your shield, based on the absorbed damage.


Resets your perfect guard when landing a successful perfect guard.

Royal Guard[]

Increases time window for a perfect guard.

SP Regen[]

Increases SP regeneration of any form.


Increases the speed of getting precise aiming.


Increases damage done by ranged attacks, including Throw Combat Arts.

Solid Guard[]

Strengthens your shield and decreases the damage taken while guarding.

Status Mend[]

Increases recovery speed from Status Conditions.

Status Rush[]

Increases speed of inflicting a Status Condition and its effect.

Steady Shot[]

Decreases loss of accuracy from quick aim movements and dashes.


Increases the amount of experience gained from defeating enemies.

X Counter[]

Increases damage on attacking charging enemies.

Zero XP[]

Disables EXP gain from defeating enemies.

Condition-related stats[]

These additional stats can be activated within circuits, but are not shown in the status menu.

Burn Rush[]

Increases the speed of inflicting the Burn condition and its effect.

Burn Protect[]

Increases resistance against the Burn condition and reduces its effect.

Chill Rush[]

Increases the speed of inflicting the Chill condition and its effect.

Chill Protect[]

Increases resistance against the Chill condition and reduces its effect.

Jolt Rush[]

Increases the speed of inflicting the Jolt condition and its effect.

Jolt Protect[]

Increases resistance against the Jolt condition and reduces its effect.

Mark Rush[]

Increases the speed of inflicting the Mark condition and its effect.

Mark Protect[]

Increases resistance against the Mark condition and reduces its effect.

Elemental resistance calculation[]

Elemental resistances from equipment and from Circuits are calculated separately and applied to incoming damage consecutively, rather than combined into a single modifier. Therefore, your net resistance can be calculated as follows:

  • SkillRes: Elemental resistance from Circuits. The -50% resistance modifier from being in the opposite elemental mode is included here.
  • EquipRes: Elemental resistance from equipment.
  • Received damage: Incoming damage * (100% - SkillRes) * (100% - EquipRes), or incoming damage * (100% - SkillRes - EquipRes + (SkillRes * EquipRes))
  • Net resistance: 100 % - (received damage / incoming damage), or SkillRes + EquipRes - (SkillRes * EquipRes)

For example, having 50% Heat resistance from equipment and 30% from Circuits would give a total of 65% Heat resistance, not 80%. As a consequence, it's not possible to reach 100% effective elemental resistance with a combination of Circuit and equipment resistance sources; you would need 100% solely from Circuits or from equipment, neither of which is possible.