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There are five Log Entries hidden in bookshelves throughout Crossworlds. These logs hint at the history of the universe outside CrossWorlds and have virtually no connection to CrossCode's main story. The logs are not necessarily obtainable in chronological order and there are no quests that relate to the collection of these logs. The first naturally obtainable log entry is located in Rookie Harbor's Inn to the West. Clicking on the bookshelf towards the northeast corner of the room will add Log Entry #20 to your Encyclopedia.

Log Entries[ | ]

Log Entry #001

Tomorrow is the day. The ACF sends us out for another big expedition to one of the SOS-Sectors. Apparently it's Old War territory. I don't know what they want us to find there but scrap metal and drained stones but whatever pays the bill, right? The official task is to "chart the sector and scan planets when possible". Standard ACF exploration.

-Encyclopedia entry [Found in Ba'kii Kum]
Log Entry #020

It has been roughly 3 weeks and we finally made it into Sector SOS-03. It's crazy to think that this is uncharted when 1000 years ago the colonies waged the largest war humankind has seen here. We're just outside the Orion Spur and it looks bad. You can see dead ships everywhere. It kinda gives me the creeps. All the lives lost in this battle? All over resources? It must have been pretty dark. History books don't do justice to the damage that has been done here.

-Encyclopedia entry [Found in Rookie Harbor]
Log Entry #042

Something is off. There is no way we're just here to chart this area. The seniors are all riled up because they found an ancient signal. Like before the Old War ancient. Should be nothing special, we often find old signals, left by our ancestors floating in space and sending out binary signals. But this one made them very excited. Now our job is to find more signals like that in all directions. No more charting, no more scanning. I don't know what they're thinking but the whole team knows we're being kept in the dark.

-Encyclopedia entry [Found in Basin Keep]
Log Entry #066

I found stray signals, which seemed to phase in and out. The signals were complete garbage, but the phasing was strangely... binary. So I tried recording the phase-intervals to see if I got something. What I found is a message from what I think was a captain of a war ship called Phoenix. The message is very broken and is missing a big chunk at the end. It will take some time to repair it... if that is even possible.

-Encyclopedia entry [Found in Bergen Village]
Log Entry #104

Today two things happened. First, our ship is going home. Everyone is pretty exhausted and nothing new has been found. Well, except the strange signals. Which is the second thing that happened. The repair routine is finally done and it might not have recovered much, but here we go:

I....began.. ..Planet.
FFş....Move....şş% %%"/H.....Sin
gularity.immin3nt...ON LY.....ş
%/(%HF...our...H Om3....(ş%HF.

Where it all began? Some Planet they called home? No wonder the seniors are all so interested in this. Are we close to finding a new inhabitable? In Old War territory? But what is this about a Singularity? I can't imagine them talking about a real one, that would be insane. But a new planet? After this message there's bound to be more expeditions into this SOS-Sector.

-Encyclopedia entry [Found in Rhombus Square]


  • These logs appear to be numbered by day, given that the "roughly 3 weeks" that have passed roughly results in the numbering for Log #20
  • The Orion Spur is a real section of space that includes Earth, though its size is approximately 10,000 light years in length x 3,500 light years in width. According to log #20, the Old War (or at least part of it) took place just outside of the Orion Spur, which loosely suggests that Earth was not the battleground of the Old War. This paired with the terminology that the colonies waged the Old War (which presumably wouldn't include Earth) further suggests that the Old War is an event that transpired elsewhere in the universe from Earth.
  • The character Ketin D'Kar, in some of his later quests, references that his kids are scattered across the galaxy, suggesting that space travel is at least as easy and practical as going off to college.