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The Sun Beetle is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Sapphire Ridge.

Sun Beetle

This bug is a true warrior and master of the hidden arts of the blade. Trained by a master since its birth it takes down enemies with powerful strikes. Strikes so powerful they combust the air around them and create flames. Its weapons of choice are dual swords known as "Sun Blades". When threatened it can summon a heat barrier and it uses an fake-out attack by jumping behind its enemies following up with a huge fire swirl.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Sun Beetle looks like an average beetle with an orange shell, big mandibles and six black legs. After being provoked, it reveals a more humanoid form, where its shell acts like an armor that covers its chest, hip and shoulders, and like a helmet for its head, where its mandibles act like horns. It is now bipedal, with the legs it uses to walk having a grey and wider section over the knees, while another pair of legs turns into arms that it uses to wield two swords. Red eyes can be seen under its helmet at times.

Combat[ | ]

It normally does a backflip, runs towards the player and does a sword slash that can be countered. For its second attack, it sets up a few non-damaging Heat balls around itself and takes a defensive stance where it stays close to the player, takes reduced damage and counters any close-ranged attack that hits it, like a melee attack or a Ball thrown in short range. After enough time passes, it jumps behind the player and attacks with both swords at once, giving this attack a wider range.

Strategies[ | ]

Because of how strong these enemies are when you enter Sapphire Ridge, countering their basic attack is a good way to deal great damage and keep them stunned for a brief moment. Hail Flurry applies Chill and deals quite a lot of damage, making it an effective way of fighting them without getting too close, especially when they are on their defensive stance since they won’t be able to use their counterattack.

Locations[ | ]

Sapphire Ridge
  • North West Path (x1)
  • Eroded Passage (x2)
  • River Road (x6) (x2 during the Last Minute Help Needed quest)
  • The Cave Inn (x1)
  • Bamboo Thicket (x2)
  • North East Path (x5) (x2 during the Last Minute Help Needed quest)
  • Flower Lake (x2) (x4 during the Last Minute Help Needed quest, more show up during the fight)
  • Carved Pathway (x1)
  • Old Dojo (x2) (x2, non-respawning)
  • Old Dojo Interior (x3, non-respawning)
    • Old Dojo and Old Dojo Interior are two different areas with the same name. They are named like this in this page solely to differentiate them.
  • High Ground (x6)

Gallery[ | ]