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The Supporter's Cup is a Custom Arena Cup from the A New Home DLC. It contains two bosses that were created by fans.

Description: Refight several challenging battles envisioned by generous supporters!
Level: 80
Difficulty: Arena-Difficulty-5
Rounds: 2
Unlock method: Completion of the quest Trouble on the Highway and defeating Sao all five times.

As a DLC Cup, all Ascended equipment you wear will be scaled to the level of the cup.

Name Objective Enemies Score Bonus Objectives
Rush Mode Clear every round without stopping and only regenerate 50% of your health between rounds. All bosses in order.

Silver-medal-sprite 217000

Gold-medal-sprite 310000

Platinum-medal-sprite 360000

01: Some Standard Ninja Dude Defeat Sao in the arena! It's an honorable 1 vs 1 duel... Though he might take a few beatings to stay down.
  1. Sao (Encounter 1)
  2. Sao (Encounter 2)
  3. Sao (Encounter 3)
  4. Sao (Encounter 4)
  5. Sao (Encounter 5)

Silver-medal-sprite 105000

Gold-medal-sprite 150000

Platinum-medal-sprite 175000

  • Time Bonus: 2:30 Minutes (10000 Points)
  • Deal 60000 Effective Damage (7000 Points)
  • Take less than 8 Hits (7000 Points)
  • Use less than 2 Items (5000 Points)
01: Highway Police Defeat the Hillcart in Rhombus Square! Be careful in traffic and use the driving cars to avoid his destructive attacks!
  1. Hillcart

Silver-medal-sprite 112000

Gold-medal-sprite 160000

Platinum-medal-sprite 185000

  • Time Bonus: 2:00 Minutes (15000 Points)
  • Deal 70000 Effective Damage (12000 Points)
  • Take less than 7 Hits (10500 Points)
  • Use less than 2 Items (6000 Points)

Strategies[ | ]

  • Sao's spawn location is predefined. He will first appear in front of you, on the top-right corner in the second fight, on the bottom-left in the third, top-left fourth and bottom-right fifth. His defense isn't boosted until he begins summoning his clones, so you can max out your SP bar on the first fight and attack him with a powerful and fast Combat Art such as Amber Breaker -icon Amber Breaker as soon as he respawns, killing him instantly or at least dealing enough damage to do so while he summons clones. You can spam Quickmenu to time your attack perfectly and gain a Platinum Medal easily.

Trivia[ | ]

  • This cup does not have a menu picture.
  • The arena fight against Sao is similar to a duel, in that he must be defeated 5 times, and it takes place in the Arena dueling grounds. However, it does not share the mechanics of other duels.