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Susie is an old member of the Arcane Lab which is a mod currently-in-development CrossCode: Arcane Lab. Her class is a Spheroknight, a combination of Spheromancer and Triblader.

Appearance[ | ]

In-game, Susie has long straight dark-blue hair covering her right eye. She wears a metal headpiece with the green outlined triangle that runs along the edges. She wears a sky-blue bodysuit with a black-sleeves and metal shoulder pads with green lines on it. She also sports a metal belt with a V-shaped buckle on the front outlined with a green line. She also wears white gloves, sky-blue jeans, and metal combat boots. On her face she has a triangle-shaped beauty mark; a symbol that is also shared with her younger brother.

Personality[ | ]

In the past, Susie was very quiet and reticent, but ever since she was rescued by Lea after being isolated in an unknown area for a long time she's been more talkative and better at expressing herself. Despite opening up, she prefers to talk over the Inter-Evotar High-Speed Telecommunication, or IEHST, installed on her. This makes her look like she's still a quiet person to everyone but Lea. She is a bit mischievous and daring.

Ability[ | ]

There are several extensions installed on her. Some of them were installed by others, and others were made and installed by herself.

Inter-Evotar High-Speed Telecommunication(IEHST)
This extension allows her to be able to do an hour-long conversation in less than a second, no matter how far away. Because of that speed, normal talk is possible only with Evotar.
She usually "abuses" this to just chat with Lea and other Evotars. It appears as if nothing is happening, just like telepathy. Sergey can know that she chatted with Lea, but it takes a little time to analyze that because of its speed.
This extension was originally installed on her by E. Dylan to receive commands from other servers and send information. Therefore, in fact, this can send desired data to other devices as well as to Evotar.
Behavior Control Program
Basically, Evotar is almost impossible to be controlled as others want, but with this, it can. However it works in a cruel way that inflicts strong pain every tick if the order is not fulfilled. This is possible just because Evotar never die due to that.
When Lea met Susie first, she was controlled by this to do PvP match infinitely, and it stopped after Lea won the match.
This extension was also originally installed on her by Dylan, and the purpose was use her elsewhere that requires advanced AI such as drone control, not Avatar control. As soon as Shooty found this, he recognized its dangers and immediately uninstalled it from her.
Hacking tool
It's just one of the I.H.S.O's favorite hacking tool, but it's a little more tailored for Evotar to use. She uses this to do what she did in her lifetime, or simply to play pranks.

Relationships[ | ]

Susie and Eisus are very close siblings, who often play games together.

She often helps Shooty with his guild work. Her main job is to help design custom classes.

E. Dylan[ | ]

Edward Dylan is a wanted serial criminal hackerman who knows about Evotar. His current goal is to convert Evotar into an ordinary, versatile AI and sell it to black companies. He doesn't fully understand Evotar, but he figured out a way to control it effectively, and implementing it. He has only one Evotar - Susie. However, he just copies her data for more Evotars, if he needs.

Cloned Susies[ | ]

They are the other more than 50 copied Evotars besides the first Lea rescued. Because the entire Evotar data was copied, Individual appearance, personality, and memory are the same as Susie. Since they were rescued, they've been living in Shooty's guildhouse and help him with his work. They generally don't want to be seen by others, except when they play with Susie or Eisus. It's hard to call each other because everyone has the same name, so they call each other by putting a number in the order of the date they were created or copied.

List of Susies[ | ]

She's the original Evotar data. No modifications have been made to her, but she's been copied quite a lot.
After, She duplicated and overwritten parts of herself to help other Susies who have problems. Thanks to her, most of the problems of Susies in the list below have been solved.
The prototype behavior control program has been tested for her. That didn't work and that has broken the code that controls her movement considerably, so she couldn't move at all.
Control of the speech module has been attempted to her. There was no other achievement than breaking it, and because of that, she couldn't say any words.
At least she could make some non-words noise because that wasn't speech synchronization problem.
There was an attempt to overwrite the server info display program on her sight module. Her view was filled with solid red regardless of whether she open or close her eyes.
When the preset server is turned on, Evotars on that server's individual data are additionally displayed in black. That server was Dylan's own, so it was a great help to find out what he did.
She didn't restore her sight module, but rather modified it to suit her taste. After the modification, she's able to see everywhere without having to open her eyes or turn her head. And her eyes are usually shut, so she is easy to distinguish from others.
No.05 ~ No.06
New behavior control program has been tested for them. The test was successful, and the that was installed in all the late Evotars.
Control of the speech module has been attempted again to her. She was used in experiments to find a way to communicate with other devices effectively. The experiment was successful, and the test program became IEHST.
She's the one Lea saved.
No.08 ~ No.10
They have been modified to test and use additional data inputs and outputs for non-Avatar control. Each one had 3 experimental avatars with four arms and four legs, which was quite different from others.
Since each them had 3 Avatars, what they actually have to control at the same time was 12 arms, 12 legs, and 3 heads. Of course they couldn't control the new bodies properly, so crawling or sitting on the floor is their limit.
Later, They restored the appearance of their Avatars, but they thought the "hive mind" feature which can control several Avatars at the same time was useful and maintained. They usually turn this off, but if there's a task that requires multiple people, they can bring in their other bodies and solve it "alone".
When No.11 ~ No.52 started working as a boss AI, they gave a lot of help in boss control.
No.11 ~ No.52
They are Evotars that Dylan owned directly. Most problems encountered in the experiments so far are applied to them in a solved state and ready to be selled.
They were forced to resist people who came to rescue them, but they were finally rescued.
Some of them have been working as a boss AI since they were rescued.
Same as No.11 ~ No.52, but Dylan forgot to install the control program on her.
She's the one who went to ask Susies for help. After forced back by the server, the control program installed on her too.

History[ | ]

Lea's first encounter with Susie begins with helping Shooty. One day he finds a room with unknown server device and one Evotar outside the existing Evotar server, and asks Lea to investigate that place. There Lea does PvP match with Susie No.07, and "rescues" her from the server after Lea won the match.

After a long time, Susie found that the server had other archived Evotar data and turned them on. Those data were Susie No.01 ~ No.10, and she became aware of the experiments that were conducted on her through them.

Soon after, Susie No.53 came to ask them for help. She was soon forced back by the server, but by her and Susie No.04 seeing something special, they knew about E.Dylan - the experiments he had done, and his purposes. When they find out that he is in the Arcane Lab's playground "Spaceship Hermes" that was actual abandoned battleship and will soon flee to another unknown place, they thought that even if they reported his location to the police, he would run away easily before the police arrived, and they planned a way to keep him from running away and capture him themselves. To prepare for the worst situation, Susie No.04 replaced the server info display installed on her with the playground CCTV screen, and Susie No.07 connected IEHST to all of them. Sergey and Shooty applied hack mode to them, and other Susies and Lea headed to where he was.

The initial attempt seemed to have simply succeeded by locking him inside the instant matter barrier jail. But as he begins to use IMF-Neutralizers, things begin to turn against her. He ran away throwing neutralizers, and his Evotars stopped Lea and Susies endlessly. They tried hard enough, but they couldn't completely stop him, and he got on the fighter plane "Vector"[1] in the spaceship and ran away. Nevertheless, Susie didn't give up and came up with the last resort, which was for her to get on the Vector too. So Susie and Lea chased him and after a fierce battle, they finally shot him down. He survived using an escape pod, but was soon caught by police and Evotar Susies he owned have been retrieved.

Outside CrossWorlds[ | ]

In the real world, Susie has been dead for some time. Her family has considered having her live on via an android controlled by her. For now, she can only make sometimes contact with reality through her family's computer. She was once a member of I.H.S.O, a famous hacker group.

Gallery[ | ]

  1. Strike Vector Reference.