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This page collects some strategies for fighting Bosses in CrossCode. While there are many ways to fight enemies in CrossCode, most bosses have special strategies that can be used to defeat them efficiently. This page collects those strategies for easy reference.

NOTE: This page is currently very outdated and mostly incomplete. Use at your own risk. Or better yet, help update it.

Main Plot Bosses[ | ]

Huge Hostile Crab Strategy[ | ]

This is the first real boss battle in the game. It can be a bit hard on your first try but you should be able to master this boss pretty quickly. Don't bother with attacking the boss until its weak point is shown. All attacks that are not on the weak point do no damage.

The crab will start hitting its claw onto the ground, creating a shockwave that will chase after you. To avoid this attack, run away from it until the shockwaves disappear. If you are in front of the crab, it may release a swarm of bubbles that will home in on you. Use your shield to minimize the damage taken from this attack.

Eventually the crab will begin jumping about. The lower its health is, the faster it jumps so be careful since it can jump pretty fast at the final stage of the battle. At some point it will jump so high that the crate on its head will crash down on it, stunning the crab for a short while. The crate also opens up, revealing a crystal; this is the boss' weak point. Run up to it and hit it with melee attacks as fast as possible! When blue sparkles start to appear around the crystal, get off the crab or else you will be blasted off.

Once you have hit the crystal enough times you will break the boss through one of its stages. Every time you do this, you will be healed by a percentage of your max HP. Keep repeating this until the boss is defeated.

Rhombus Heavy Turret 2.0 Strategy[ | ]

This boss is very similar to the 1.0 version on the Cargo Ship, and you can use the same strategy for the first part of the fight.

Once the turret reaches its second stage, it will start using an attack where it sweeps across the arena with bullets. You can shield through this attack or hit one of the switches to raise a block to hide behind. Don't try to dash through the stream as it is very damaging if it hits you.

In its third stage, the turret generates a frontal shield. Shoot it in the back to break it. There are bounce blocks behind the turret so that you can do this, but aim carefully or you'll waste your shot. The turret also disables its shield while using its sweeping attack, so you can hit it then if you're quick enough.

Apollo (First Duel) Strategy[ | ]

Apollo is a skillful Spheromancer with the same abilities as you. He throws VRPs, melees you with a chakram and even uses Combat Arts.

He will dash to dodge your attacks, but it is possible to deal some damage to him between his own attacks. He will also become exhausted after using a Combat Art, flashing red while being unable to dodge your attacks. Alternatively, you can stun Apollo by perfect guarding against a melee attack; be ready to guard when he runs up to you.

Infected Digmo Strategy[ | ]

Like the other digmos you have fought in the Temple Mine, the Infected Digmo is vulnerable to attacks from behind. Fire your shots through a heat orb to stun the boss.

X01 Driller H.F.S. Strategy[ | ]

At this point you have acquired the heat element. One of the ways you have used it is to ignite bombs and send them flying.

For this boss fight, activate Heat Mode when the driller steps back to deploys bombs onto the ground. Then launch the bombs into its core to expose the boss' weak point and briefly stun it. But wait until the boss finishes walking back. Otherwise, you won't be able to safely melee away at its unprotected core. Once the shield is repaired, turn off Heat Mode to cooldown your elemental load and avoid taking increased damage from the driller's cold-based attacks.

To avoid the boss' cold and heat sweeping attacks, stand near the edge of the arena.

Ti'im Strategy[ | ]

The process of defeating this red sand worm is the same as the other worms, Tims: overheat it with heat attacks then hit it with non-heat melee attacks. However, you and C'tron have to defeat the Tims first to make platforms appear so that you can climb up to the same height as the boss to hit it. Be wary of the Ti'im's attacks as you ascend, because they can knock you down if you get hit.

After the middle HP break, you and C'tron will have to climb higher to reach the Ti'im again.

Apollo (Second Duel) Strategy[ | ]

Apollo now has the heat element and more Combat Arts. He uses a "secret strategy" where he plants four mines in succession. He can also use Bullet Inferno, a level two neutral art that is difficult to avoid or defend against. Both of these moves leave Apollo exhausted.

Pinzo'jrahrrrn Strategy[ | ]

This fight is difficult, even at level 27. The ground is quicksand and you have to stand on platforms in a circle. By the time you encounter this antlion, you have learned that bursting bubbles with fire can stun enemies. Hit the boss with two bubbles to stun it. The quicksand will solidify, allowing you to easily melee away at the antlion's abdomen. Once the boss falls to half health, it gains a new attack and four of the platforms will be destroyed.

The antlion launches boulders at you, much like the Tim's attacks. Just keep moving, and you'll be fine. While in its break state, the antlion launches molten boulders which after landing, roll after you. The best method to avoid them is to run around the boss, as they cannot turn. In its second phase, the boss attacks you with its scythe-like claws while underground. There's nothing you can do here to hurt the boss, so just keep running and dashing between platforms.

Master Magmoth Strategy[ | ]

Master Magmoth must be hit in the head with cold-based attacks to become vulnerable. But unlike stunning the Padamoths or Darth Moths you have fought in the Faj'ro Temple, you don't need to charge up your ice shots. All of the boss' attacks are heat-based, meaning that they will deal extra damage to you if you're in Cold Mode. You can consume Bergen Ice Cream to partially offset this.

At first, the moth can use four different attacks: a slow-moving fire tornado, a flame charge, a large fireball, and a barrage of smaller fireballs. Once its HP drops to 2/3, it uses a fifth attack where it tracks you with a laser beam, similar to a Darth Moth. This is the boss' only attack that actively tries to home in on you.

To damage Master Magmoth, shoot cold VRPs at its head through the pipe in the middle. Each cold hit fills the moth's break meter and once full, it will fall onto a platform. While resting, it will try to heal; melee away at its head before it can restore HP. For maximum damage, cast Frozen Star when its HP is almost down to a breakpoint.

Hologram Frobbit Strategy[ | ]

This boss tests your skills with the heat and cold elements. The Hologram Frobbit starts in Cold Mode and uses only cold attacks. You and your allies Emilie and C'tron have to use the opposite element to damage the frobbit. After taking enough damage, the frobbit will switch to Heat Mode and use heat-based attacks instead. Be careful when you activate heat/cold mode, since you become weak to attacks of the opposite element.

Big Pillar Strategy[ | ]

Multiple big pillars are fought during your first team raid in Autumn's Fall. The only way to damage the pillars is to defeat the two baby pillars of the same color (referred to as "blocks" by the competitors) that are instructed.

Blue Avatar Strategy[ | ]

It is impossible to defeat the Blue Avatar at this point in the game. You are guaranteed and required to lose this battle to advance the game's plot. But if you want to get his health down as low as possible before the battle ends, this section is for you.

The Blue Avatar surrounds himself in either a cold or heat shield which can only be broken with attacks of the opposite element. Breaking the shield also stuns the Blue Avatar in place, open to your attacks. For every 1/16 of his HP you deplete, he will smash the ground twice to attack you and a third time to destroy a chunk of the arena. His attack pattern then changes.

Apollo (Third Duel) Strategy[ | ]

You and Apollo now have the heat and cold elements. Both of you also have access to Level 2 heat and cold Combat Arts.

The most significant change to Apollo in this duel is guard arts. He can now use Recoil Trumpet or Frozen Stance to counter your melee attacks, leaving you vulnerable to a devastating Blizzard Hawk. In addition, if you activate a guard art too early when Apollo is about to do a melee combo, he will back off to avoid your trap.

Plasma Phantom Strategy[ | ]

Sir Blobus Starnikus Strategy[ | ]

See strategies section under Sir Blobus Starnikus

Son of the East Strategy[ | ]

Son of the East and Ancient Guardian Strategy[ | ]

Twilight Master Strategy[ | ]

Shizuka Strategy[ | ]

Unlike the duels against Apollo, you only need to defeat Shizuka once for a trophy. Shizuka uses all four elements and Level 3 Combat Arts. She also regenerates HP overtime while in Wave Mode.

Final Turret IX Strategy[ | ]

Designer Strategy[ | ]

When he is knocked down, your best attacks are Level 3 Combat Arts of whichever element he is currently weak to.

  • Ragnarök is much less effective than Vermilion Echo since the boss cannot be lifted by the Fire Whirls.
  • Eternal Winter is by far the most damaging cold art against him.
  • All of the Level 3 shock arts are effective, but the Level 2 melee art Battery Assault might be more effective than Song of Storms.
  • Wave Motion Beam may be preferred over Eternal Snipe, because there are no walls to increase its damage output.

The Creator Strategy[ | ]

Sidequest Bosses[ | ]

Blue Hedgehag Strategy[ | ]

Thanks to a recent game update, this fight is much easier. After defeating all Hedgehags in the area, he'll spawn. Once you get closer, a laser wall will appear so you can't escape. The Blue Hedgehag has two attacks: one where he rolls twice, and one where he bounces twice. The best methods to avoid him is to wait till he is coming at you(Not prepping the attack) and dashing at the last second. Also bringing Emilie with you slightly throws off his targeting and he'll sometimes attack between you both instead of attacking either of you.

Hillkat Bandleader Strategy[ | ]

Keep your distance and wait for an opening.

Meister Karotto Strategy[ | ]

Peng King Dakara Strategy[ | ]

Guard Billston Strategy[ | ]

Cursed Sharkster Strategy[ | ]

Blazehoof Strategy[ | ]

Henry Strategy[ | ]

DON'T USE THIS Strategy[ | ]