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The Book of an Old Man is a level 60 quest given by the Old Man at Basin Keep. Completing the Old Man's trade for the LV51Galaxy Spiral Drill.pngGalaxy Spiral Drill is a prerequisite of this quest. After the trade the Old Man will leave and drop a book on the ground. Picking up this book will initiate the quest.


Gathering the materials for the Galaxy Spiral Drill requires many materials and a series of trades, which are shown below. The five trades alone cost 133,334 credits in total.

Trade Offers
LV10Core Drill.pngCore Drill

Metal Needles.pngMetal Needles × 25 Headphone Scraps.pngHeadphone Scraps × 20 Junk Metal.pngJunk Metal × 10 Golden Triangle.pngGolden Triangle × 3 CreditIcon.png 3333 Credits

Loc-Icon.png Rookie Harbor - Marketplace
Spiral Gem.pngSpiral Gem

Pike Wood.pngPike Wood × 20 Rusty Bits.pngRusty Bits × 10 Purple Ore Lump.pngPurple Ore Lump × 10 Polished Mic.pngPolished Mic CreditIcon.png 1 Credits

Loc-Icon.png Bergen Village - Trader's Den
LV30Giga Spiral Drill.pngGiga Spiral Drill

LV10Core Drill.pngCore Drill Spiral Gem.pngSpiral Gem Refined Metal.pngRefined Metal × 20 Drill Stone.pngDrill Stone × 11 CreditIcon.png 50000 Credits

Loc-Icon.png Ba'kii Kum - Marketplace
Creation Gem.pngCreation Gem

King's Ring.pngKing's Ring Parched Leaves.pngParched Leaves × 20 Sunset Dew.pngSunset Dew × 10 Wolf Cicada.pngWolf Cicada × 5 CreditIcon.png 30000 Credits

Loc-Icon.png Rookie Harbor - Marketplace
LV51Galaxy Spiral Drill.pngGalaxy Spiral Drill

LV30Giga Spiral Drill.pngGiga Spiral Drill Star Fruit.pngStar Fruit × 5 Precious Metal.pngPrecious Metal × 10 Creation Gem.pngCreation Gem CreditIcon.png 50000 Credits

Loc-Icon.png Basin Keep - Pond Slums


Find the Old Man somewhere in Sapphire Ridge
Sapphire Ridge - Cave Inn 1F
Find the Stones of Origin hidden in the cities of CrossWorlds
  • The Sprout of Truth is in Rookie Harbor - Dusty Storage. You must jump onto the boxes north of the fountain in the middle of Alley Quarters to access the upper level and go to the right to reach it and get the Stone of Truth.pngStone of Truth.
  • The Sprout of Valor is on top of a roof in southern Bergen Village. You must travel south on the rooftops from the northern village to reach it and get the Stone of Valor.pngStone of Valor.
  • To reach the Sprout of Space, start from the Ba'kii Kum Bazaar House 2nd floor, from here it is possible to jump onto the roofs to the right, use the pillar to reach the roof of the Arid Breeze HQ. Walk north into the next zone to find it and get the Stone of Space.pngStone of Space.
  • The Sprout of Spirit is in the top of a building in the upper right corner of Basin Keep - Pond Slums. You need the Pond Slums Pass.pngPond Slums Pass and have to destroy some trash bags to reach it and get the Stone of Spirit.pngStone of Spirit.
  • The Sprout of Ages is in Rhombus Square - South Arch. Enter Lloyd Passage from the bottom of South Arch and walk all the way to the right and get to the 2nd floor. Wait for a truck to pass below and jump on top of it, jump on the platform to the north. Follow the platforms west and reenter South Arch jump north and walk into the southeast corner to reveal the Sprout and get the Stone of Ages.pngStone of Ages. From this position you can also destroy the blocks to make the Very Large Ember accessible.
Return to the Old Man in Sapphire Ridge - Cave Inn 1F
Find the Old Smith in a cave on Bergen Trail
Head to Bergen Trail - Abandoned Cave and read the (recently left) diary entry that points toward Rhombus Square.
Find the Old Smith in the residential district of Rhombus Square
Search for the Very Large Ember.pngVery Large Ember located somewhere in Rhombus Square
After breaking the blocks from the location of the Sprout of Ages described above, simply walk along the northern walkways of Rhombus Square - South Arch from the elevated transporter platform to the chest.
Return to the Old Smith in Rhombus Square
The Old Smith will give you the Infinity Gem.pngInfinity Gem.
Bring the Gem to the Old Man in Sapphire Ridge - Cave Inn 1F
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