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This article contains SPOILERS for the main story of CrossCode. Proceed at your own risk!

The Creator is a mechanical boss unofficially incorporated into CrossWorlds, and the final boss of CrossCode. It is encountered above Vermillion Tower.

Mechanical Boss
The Creator

This information has been redacted. "The ultimate experience, my final challenge."

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Creator is the Designer’s ultimate form. He is many times larger and is characterized by having a mostly humanoid form except for his elephant head. His arms are mostly covered by a golden armor with an orange jewel on both shoulders and another two on his arms. Instead of eyes, he has a visor similar to the one his previous form had, along with golden tusks, engravings on his ears, arrows on his trunk that indicate its purpose during the fight and a golden ornament on his head with a big orange jewel in its center.

Combat[ | ]

To effectively attack him, the player must hit his trunk enough to break him, giving them the chance to climb it and punch him in the face.

Phase 1

  • Bumps his fists together, then punches the floor thrice. The final punch leaves his fist stuck, allowing the player to hit it and break it, which makes The Creator stay in place while leaving its trunk vulnerable.
  • Flicks three poker chips at the player. The first and third one are shot directly at the player, while the second one separates into six smaller projectiles that go in all directions.

Phase 2

  • Swaps between both Heat and Cold elements. These give different effects to both of his attacks.
  • If using Heat, punches the floor twice, releasing an explosion a second after each hit, and the poker chips perform a fire whirl after flying towards the player.
  • If using Cold, his punches cause icicles to appear around them, and the poker chips are thrown at the player, crashing into the bottom of the arena and releasing multiple ice shards in all directions.

Phase 3

  • He now swaps between Shock and Wave instead of Heat and Cold.
  • If using Wave, the poker chips bounce twice while chasing the player and his punches shoot three explosives into the air, with their area of effect telegraphed by circles on the floor.
  • If using Shock, two poker chips are flicked towards the player, stopping on the bottom of the arena and flying into the player shortly after, and he punches the floor faster than usual, four times and releasing three homing lightning strikes from the sky in the final punch, also telegraphed by circles.

From the next phase onwards, he buffs his health exponentially at the start of each one, uses only one element and begins summoning orbs that the player can destroy for attack buffs, one after flicking poker chips and two when his trunk is vulnerable, which become intangible after the player gets a high enough attack stat. They only attack once and stay stationary after doing so. The other main difference is his new attack that’s divided in multiple parts:

Puzzle: Claps his hands, building a puzzle while he charges an elemental super attack. It can be solved by using the element contrary to The Creator’s, granting the player four attack buffs.

Strength: Depends on how long it takes the player to solve the puzzle. It signifies how many times the elemental super attack will be executed before going back to normal attacks, going from 1 to 5, only affecting its main aspect.

Super attack: Slams his hand against the ground and begins attacking. The hand is the source of the attack, so all projectiles come out of it.

Phase 4: Cold

  • The orbs attack by performing an ice explosion close to the player.
  • To solve the puzzle, the player has to shoot a bomb at the rock that floats between his hands.
  • His super attack consists of creating streams of icicles in the player’s direction, with the last one always being a huge spike like the one used by the Eternal Winter Combat Art.

Phase 5: Heat

  • The orbs use a simple flamethrower attack.
  • The puzzle is solved by throwing a frozen bubble into the rock.
  • Super attack consists of single-eyed unbreakable orbs that shoot lasers at the player similar to the Flare Burn Combat Art, with secondary slow fire clouds being released in all directions.

Phase 6: Wave

  • Orbs charge, teleport and shoot a Fae Round projectile.
  • The puzzle is solved by shooting a Compressed Shock Ball at the rock.
  • The super attack releases huge exploding and homing Wave spheres along with secondary projectiles that act the same way as the fire clouds from before.

Phase 7: Shock

  • Orbs dash towards the player.
  • The puzzle is solved by shooting a Compressed Wave Ball at the rock.
  • Super attack releases homing thunders that cause multiple lines of lightning strikes to fall around its area of effect.

Phase 8

  • Unleashes an all-out elemental assault, using each of his elemental super attacks. Begins by using the Heat one, continues with a combination of fire clouds and the Cold one, follows up with only the Wave one and finishes with both the secondary Wave projectiles and the Shock super attack. If he fails to take down the player this way, as a last resort, he summons a single laser orb, along with one icicle stream and a Wave bomb, before becoming permanently broken and granting the player enough attack boosts to defeat him.

Strategies[ | ]

  • If you’re fast enough, you can destroy the orbs before they attack.
  • Dodging the laser orbs vertically is easier than horizontally.
  • Every puzzle has two variations, but it’s very likely that you will reach the next phase before The Creator gets the chance to repeat his super attack.
  • Theoretically, it is possible to advance to the next phase without destroying enough orbs if you deal enough damage somehow. However, trying this is not recommended as it can make the fight way longer, so break The Creator only after you get enough attack buffs.
  • His elemental weakness depends on the element he is currently using. He is weak to Wave during his last phase.
  • If you are using dash cancelling while attacking the trunk, attack it from the sides and not from the front because you might fall off the arena.
  • His fist can be broken with a single Dash Art like, for example, Combat Arts/Neutral Dash#Azure Strike.
  • You can see the boss' HP multiplier and your attack multiplier on the top right of the screen. With this you can know if you should break the boss or not.

Locations[ | ]

Vermillion Tower
  • The Ultimate Experience

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • His appearance is likely based on the Hindu god Ganesha, who is also an elephant with a humanoid form.
  • Given that the Creator's max HP is 300,000 without multipliers and how much he multiplies his remaining HP, it is possible to calculate approximately how much HP the Creator has after each of the five multiplications.
HP Segment Multiplier ~Total HP
5/16 2^11 (2048) 192 Million
4/16 2^21 157.3 Billion
3/16 2^31 120.8 Trillion
2/16 2^41 82.5 Quadrillion
1/16 2^51 42.2 Quintillion
  • Similar to the Designer, when Sergey Hax is enabled in NG+, the Creator will gain a x1024 HP buff. This is less than the buff given by Sergey Hax, but it will prevent him from being one shot.