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Disambig This article is about the A New Home boss. For the quest, see The Goatfather (quest).

The Goatfather is an organic boss in CrossWorlds. It is encountered in Rhombus Square, at the end of the quest Wrath of Goat.

Organic Boss
The Goatfather

The wise and honorable leader of the group of highly intelligent goats, originating from an immoral experiment in the seedy underground of Bergen Trail. He will protect his herd. He will build a future for goatkind. He will make offers, you can not refuse. Such is the way of goat.

Expect a tough fight against his goatlike powers. Both heat and cold are under his control and will be used on a large scale. He can also throw and regenerate his horns at a blinding speed and thus create a hell horn-shaped bullets

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Goatfather is a large cyborg goat, similar in appearance to its underlings the Horny Goat, the Horny Cavegoat, and the Goat Worker. Its front half is mainly organic, with shaggy brown fur, a black suit with a red rose and white cravat, long metal horns, and red eyes. Its backside is robotic, with a segmented metal shell and powerful legs connected by circular joints painted red.

Combat[ | ]

He takes little damage from attacks, so the player has to attack him enough from the front to break him, causing him to get stunned and lower his defense temporarily.

Phase 1

  • Jumps into one of the upper corners of the room and kicks, summoning two lines of big icicles in a cone shape, which are destroyed as early as the attack ends, and various circles between them from where huge ice spikes appear soon after. After this, he jumps somewhere else, flashes red and becomes easier to break until he recovers.
  • Charges with Heat and launches himself towards the player. If he catches them, he locks and kicks them far away.
  • Jumps into one of the upper corners of the room, paws the ground and fires a massive flurry of non-bouncing horns. While he is attacking, he is more vulnerable to breaking.

Phase 2

  • Unlocks a new attack where he charges with Heat for a longer time and then, three times, jumps anywhere in the arena and kicks, shooting a stream of fire that stops only after reaching a wall and lingers for most of the attack. He always starts each new phase with this attack.
  • In his Cold attack, the area between both icicle lines is bigger and many more ice spike circles appear.
  • He shoots his horns faster.

Phase 3

  • Does five jumps and kicks during his fire stream attack. He might also fool the player by delaying one of his kicks.
  • After using his Cold kick, he jumps to the other upper corner and repeats it.

Strategies[ | ]

  • His backside absorbs most of the damage done by Ether Snipe, making this Combat Art very impractical.
  • Using Bullet Inferno once or twice just as The Goatfather begins firing his horns will break him before he can finish the attack.
  • Don’t get too close to him if he is not tired because he might use his short-charge kick without giving you time to react.
  • His icicle trap can be escaped from with Dash Arts. This also gives you the advantage of hitting him while he is still doing the attack.

Location(s)[ | ]

Rhombus Square

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The music track that plays when fighting The Goatfather is Shizuka. In his Arena rematch, Challenge 2 plays instead.
  • This character is a reference to Vito Corleone from the novel The Godfather. The line in his monster fibula entry “He will make offers, you can not refuse” is also a reference to the novel.
  • His health bar says “Goat” instead of “Boss”.