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The Hedgelord is a previously Nintendo Switch-exclusive boss that can be encountered in Autumn's Fall as part of the quest A Switch in Altitude.

Mechanical Boss
The Hedgelord

A big spikey boi!

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Hedgelord is a giant Hedgehag. His body is fat and covered in brown fur, while his back is covered in grey spines. He has fluffy cheeks, a black triangular nose, two small black eyes and a pair of long ears on top of its head. He also wears a golden crown on his head and a golden belt with a circular buckle around his waist. He is always sitting on a wooden chair with grey metal corners. This chair has a set of flamethrowers hidden underneath that The Hedgelord can use at will.

Combat[ | ]

This boss remains invincible until he is broken, which can only be done through the projectiles fired by a special variant of Flying Hedgehag that appears only during this fight. There will be one group of Flying Hedgehags chained to The Hedgelord's chair, keeping him afloat, and another group of free ones that wield cannons that can fire two kinds of projectiles: a red Heat bomb that explodes on contact or after it reaches its maximum travel distance, or a green Wave bomb that bounces thrice and leaves a springboard that the player can use to reach the chained Flying Hedgehags and attack them. Defeating all the chained ones will make The Hedgelord fall abruptly, knock himself out and lose his invincibility, meaning that this is the only way of defeating him.

Phase 1

  • During this phase, three of the Flying Hedgehags are chained and two other ones wield cannons.
  • Points downwards with his left hand and orders the cannon-wielding Flying Hedgehags to shoot one Wave bomb and two Heat bombs.
  • Gets closer to the center of the arena and activates his chair's flamethrowers which fire in a Y pattern and go counter-clockwise. The cannon-wielding Flying Hedgehags will fire one Wave bomb each while the flamethrowers are active.

Phase 2

  • Begins the phase by causing a fiery explosion with his chair and recovering invincibility. He continues by calling four chained Flying Hedgehags and one more cannon one. Then, he flies on top of the player, commands the chained ones to drop him and bounces while chasing the player six times, with the first five bounces causing lingering flame bursts and the last one being a Wave explosion with a huge area of effect. He can repeat this attack, but he doesn’t call more Flying Hedgehags if he does.
  • When he commands his Hedgehags to shoot, one of them will fire a green bomb while the other two fire two red bombs.
  • Only two green bombs are fired during the flamethrower attack, despite there being three cannon-wielding Flying Hedgehags.

Phase 3

  • Calls in five chained Flying Hedgehags and one more cannon-wielding one at the start of the phase and bounces eight times. Once again, he can repeat this attack without calling more Flying Hedgehags.
  • It is worth noting that the four cannon Flying Hedgehags never attack simultaneously, so their attacks remain the same as in the previous phase.

Strategies[ | ]

  • Radiant Swarm -icon Radiant Swarm is insanely effective at taking down the chained Flying Hedgehags.
  • The cannon-wielding Flying Hedgehags fly at a lower height than the chained ones since you aren’t supposed to defeat them. If you go out of your way to do so, The Hedgelord will stay still while flying in the center of the arena and the game will softlock.

Locations[ | ]

Autumn's Fall
  • Red Room

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • This boss is based on King Bowser from the Super Mario series. The elements he and his minions attack you with are also a reference to Mario and Luigi from the same franchise since their outfits are also red and green, and Luigi has a signature high jump.