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Ti'im is an organic boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Maroon Valley, in Maroon Cave 3, as part of the quest Maroon Tree Defender.

Organic Boss

A slightly mutated version of the common Tim which made the cave below the famous Maroon Tree in Maroon Valley its home. It seems to have some sort of control over the rock formations inside the cave, being able to to raise and lower parts of the cave system. It uses this to attack intruders from higher ground without them being able to reach it. However disposing of other Tim can raise platforms to make it possible to reach it.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Like Tim, Ti'im is technically classified as a sandworm by CrossWorlds, but seems in practice to have more in common with a mobile volcano. The visible part is a fleshy conic shape with teeth and mouth on top.

It is a recolour of Tim, with a more reddish tint to it, but no other visual differences.

Combat[ | ]

Ti'im's fight is largely shaped by the arena it is fought in, as it would be little more than a regular Tim otherwise. Ti'im is immobile, but it is located on a raised, unreachable platform, from which it launches two attacks: either it lobs a small boulder or a big one that splits in three, alternating the two. A Tim is also present in the arena; defeating it causes two steps to be raised, allowing Lea and C'Tron to reach platforms at the same height as Ti'im's. Ti'im will take massively reduced damage until a gauge is filled by attacking it with Heat, at which point the platform is lowered to ground level and Ti'im starts attacking more often and with stronger moves, being a fiery version of the big boulder or a volley of four small ones, the last two of which fall at the same time.

Once its health is lowered to 50%, the platform will be raised twice as much as originally (after any seeker on it is pushed off), two more Tims are spawned and the process will repeat.

Strategies[ | ]

Start by dealing with Tim, then wait for a big boulder and start climbing after it lands. Once on the higher level, keep shooting the boss with heat, but be ready to dash away once a boulder is about to hit, or jump on its platform and focus on filling that gauge as fast as possible. Once it enrages, jump down and hit it in neutral mode, from a distance. Repeat for the second phase.

Since it may be difficult to do parkour while under attack, especially when you have to hit the boss from a platform, itmay be a viable strategy to stay down and just focus on dodging; C'Tron will take care of filling the gauge while Lea will be ready to deal damage to it.

Location[ | ]

Maroon Valley
Maroon Cave 3

Gallery[ | ]