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The Tiefsee Angler is an organic boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Gaia's Garden, in the Lost Shrine, and defeating it rewards the player with a Silver Chest containing the LV01Broken DeckBroken Deck requiered to complete the quest A Promise Is a Promise 4.

Organic Boss
Tiefsee Angler

This variant of the Angler lives in the abandoned ruins of the giant sea in Gaia's Garden. It can become near invisible and attacks its prey from the dark. Bright lights however can make it vulnerable for a short period of time. Legends say that this beast has not been seen for many centuries. However legends also tell that nobody ever lived to tell the tale...

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Its appearance is very similar to the Angler. There's still a few differences: its colors are no more teal but yellow-green, the light bulb is bigger, there's four visible fins instead of two and his expression became angry whereas it was peaceful in his counterpart.

Combat[ | ]

In the arena, there are six Tesla Coil Sources that, when activated with a Compressed Shock Ball that can be charged thanks to the Compressor in the middle of the arena, turn on a permanent light source in their position. The player must turn on every light for the fight to start. In case the Tiefsee Angler is near an inactive lamp and the player turns it on, it will break, become stunned for a brief moment and stay both visible and vulnerable in case it wasn't already. This is the main way to deal damage since it normally has some really high defense.

Phase 1

  • The Tiefsee Angler flies to the center of the arena, right above the Compressor, and turns off all the lights. The player can turn them on, however, the boss will continue to deactivate them until it breaks once. It also does this at the beginning of the battle and at random.
  • Hides in the dark, becoming both invisible and invincible, and charges close to a lamp to fire a Fae Round -icon Fae Round at the player. A white light with green particles shows up wherever it is charging, giving away its position. It can only use this attack from the dark, meaning that this will be its only attack in a completely dim arena, one of its options in case its been broken at least once, and impossible to use in a fully lit arena.
  • Gets close to the player, charges, then stays in place and begins spinning rapidly while firing a considerable amount of small Wave projectiles in random directions, which travel in straight lines. The boss is invincible during this attack, but it can still be hit.
  • The instant it recovers from breaking, it screams, dealing damage in a cone in front of itself. It always screams towards the same direction it was facing while broken.
  • Inflates and fires three small homing Wave projectiles.
  • Begins every new phase with a scream that deals damage in an area around itself.

Phase 2

  • Fires way more projectiles in its spinning attack. It will now slowly follow the player while using it and a red text box will show up over it that says: "DIE DIE DIE".
  • Fires six homing Wave projectiles instead of three.
  • Switches positions while charging in the dark and alternates between firing a Fae Round -icon Fae Round or an Elven Orb-icon Elven Orb (a Fae Round that bounces twice off the walls).

Phase 3

  • Fires an obscene amount of projectiles while spinning.
  • Fires a total of eight homing Wave projectiles.
  • Only uses Elven Orb-icon Elven Orbs in the dark.

Strategies[ | ]

  • Every time a lamp is turned on, the corresponding Tesla Coil Source will be lifted, granting you a wall for cover.
  • If you turn on all the lights, the Tiefsee Angler will eventually turn them off and begin attacking from the dark. Forcing this attack might make breaking the boss easier.
  • Lure the boss into a corner and hide behind a wall (assuming you activated a lamp) in the opposite corner of the arena to evade its spinning attack. You can also push the boss away with Balls to prevent it from getting too close. If you don't have any options, you'll have to survive it through sheer luck or thanks to Guard-sphere-icon Guard Sphere.
  • The boss is both highly resistant to ranged attacks and too elusive to be hit by melee consistently. You can charge SP by throwing Balls while it isn't hidden to use an elementally-effective close ranged Combat Art the moment it breaks, like Blizzard Hawk -icon Blizzard Hawk or Amber Breaker -icon Amber Breaker.

Locations[ | ]

Gaia's Garden
  • Lost Power Room

Gallery[ | ]