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The Tim is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Maroon Valley and the Faj'ro Temple.


These slimy creatures spend most of their time halfway underground almost looking like a deformed stone. Their bodies are extremely flexible and can fit into holes the size of a hand. Ironically they do not like overheating and will get extremely hostile when exposed to it for too long. In their enraged form they will spit out scorching hot rocks and move much faster. According to some insight by C'tron worms posses 5 hearts. It's a mystery how they fit into this elastic body.

-Monster Fibula report


Tim is technically classified as a sandworm by CrossWorlds, but seems in practice to have more in common with a mobile volcano. The visible part is a fleshy conic shape with teeth and mouth on top.


Tim spends its time in a fight either moving while underground, where it can't be hit, or standing still and launching ranged attacks, that will either be a single boulder that causes a small impact or a bigger boulder that also creates 3 small boulders that roll away from the impact site for a short distance. In either case, the rocks are lobbed from overheads and slightly homing, meaning they cannot be shielded. Tim's main defensive system is his very high defence, which will make fights against it take very long; luckily, however, Tim has some sort of "rage mechanic". Once it gets hit by enough attacks with the Heat element, its defence drops, allowing for much quicker disposal, but it attacks more often and with stronger moves, being a fiery version of the big boulder or a volley of four small ones, the last two of which fall at the same time.

Tim also has few features that are rarely found in enemies, namely immunity to being knocked around and to be lifted up by combat arts.


Since Tim's attacks cannot be parried, do not even try to use the shield. Instead, focus on moving and dodging when it attacks and, if you can't avoid a hit, either use the Guard Sphere or take the hit. Try to keep some distance and start hitting it with heat attacks first, until the gauge is full, then use the earned SP to take it out as fast as possible while in rage mode, as its attacks have high offensive potential. If you engage Tim alongside other enemies, it is recommended to leave it there and kill the other foes first, as you would be able to do so while Tim is not enraged and its attacks are sporadic and easier to dodge.