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The Tourist Karotto is an abstract enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Gaia's Garden as part of the Tropical Chill quest.

Tourist Karotto

A Karotto that developed a somewhat higher intelligence and curiousity and thus wanted to leave its home of Bergen Trail to visit warmer lands. Unfortunately the burning sun has caused some problems, so it usually stays in caves and tries to steal cooling devices to live in a more comfortable temperature.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Tourist Karotto is a large, slightly yellow snowman with coal eyes, a banana nose, a skirt made of leaves and a flower on top of its head. It also has two sticklike arms and carries a large cannon made of snow. It can walk around on short, stumpy legs. Strongly resembles a regular Karotto.

Combat[ | ]

It is almost no different from the regular Karotto. It can shoot the player with three simultaneous snowballs, charge for longer and fire a barrage of them with low accuracy, or hop in place to cause a Cold shockwave around itself in case the player tries to attack with Melee. Its only unique trait comes from the multiple cooling devices it has around the arena. These devices periodically release Cold and freeze the floor around them, damaging the player and other entities but healing the Tourist Karotto. If one of the devices is broken and deactivated with Heat attacks, the Tourist Karotto can use one of its normal attacks or a smaller, yet more precise barrage of snowballs to repair it. The Tourist Karotto can also prioritize fighting nearby Shokats over the player.

In the quest they are encountered, there is a platforming section where the player must traverse to the other side while two Tourist Karottos and the Karotto Fruitseeker shoot them. A dotted line between the player and the corresponding Karotto will indicate which one is about to fire, and instead of using any of their usual attacks, they always fire five consecutive snowballs with high accuracy.

Strategies[ | ]

Keep the cooling devices off and try to get the Shokats to deal with them. Even if it might seem counterproductive, you can also use the cooling devices as shields against its ranged attacks, just remember to turn them off before they can heal the Tourist Karottos. Aside from that, spamming Dash Combat Arts like Crimson-strike-icon Crimson Strike can end the battle without too much of an issue. And despite the fact that they are resistant to Balls, Flare Burn!-icon Flare Burn! can deal a lot of damage while you are safe in the air.

Locations[ | ]

Gaia's Garden
Only during the Tropical Chill quest:
  • Chilled Den (x4)

Gallery[ | ]