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Toxovolt is an abstract boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Gaia's Garden, as part of the quest Salty Detox.

Abstract Boss

A variant of the Ectovolt but even further empowered by the toxic energy of the city Basin Keep. It is unclear which did more to fuel it's toxicity: The city's waste or the negative feelings of its population.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Toxovolt is an electric ghost composed of black smoke. It has a big green eye with a black pupil and 2 electric arms that are shaped like knives.

Combat[ | ]

Toxovolt must be fought twice. It is different from the average Ectovolt because, first, it has a shield that negates all damage, second, hitting it enough with Wave will daze it, and third, Compressed Wave Balls go through its body without breaking it.

First encounter[ | ]

  • Covers itself in electricity, zips three times and dashes into the player at high speeds.
  • Gets close to the player and punches them twice.
  • When dazed, it periodically sends out homing thunderbolts that are signaled by white circles.
  • Surrounds itself with an unbreakable wall and alternates between sending out homing thunderbolts or batches of non-homing ones in curved lines. At this point, the player will be granted a Compressor to break Toxovolt that will prove ineffective, ending the fight without a winner.

Second encounter[ | ]

The player must fight Toxovolt alongside Linde. When it either becomes dazed or hides itself behind walls, Linde will get close to it, charge up steam and shoot the boss. If it has the shield on, it deactivates, making it vulnerable but not stopping it from attacking. On the other hand, if Linde gets to shoot it while its shield is off, Toxovolt breaks and becomes a black, fully inoffensive and immobile orb until it recovers.

In case Linde is hit while charging, she will have to first get away and reload, and only then she will try to attack Toxovolt again. Her attack can inflict the boss with Mark icon Mark. She has a health bar as well, and its depletion is considered the same as being defeated.

Phase 1

  • Keeps every attack from the first fight. The only change is that, when Toxovolt is surrounded by walls, it switches between sending out homing thunderbolts and black orbs. These orbs are flung into the air, deal damage on impact and will fire a powerful electric current from their position towards the player given enough time has passed. They can, however, be attacked and destroyed to prevent that attack. Toxovolt will still use the thunderbolt batches but will only send a single batch right before finishing its attack.
  • Heals a portion of its health in case it is allowed to finish its wall attack. The wall vanishes at this point.

Phase 2

  • Fires sets of two thunderbolts and a breakable orb while dazed.
  • Attacks faster behind walls and sends out two batches of thunderbolts in the end instead of one.
  • Direct attacks, such as the punch and the dash, stay the same between rounds.

Phase 3

  • When dazed, periodically fires one orb and either one or two homing thunderbolts.
  • Wall attack is more aggressive and finishes with four non-homing, but highly curving batches of thunderbolts.

Strategies[ | ]

  • In the rare case that Linde's attack triggers Toxovolt's next phase at the same time it is behind walls, these will stay up and neither the player nor Toxovolt will be able to attack each other until Toxovolt breaks completely again.
  • Multi-hit Wave Combat Arts like Essence Drain -icon Essence Drain can daze the boss in no time.
  • Stay away from Linde to prevent her from getting hit.

Locations[ | ]

Gaia's Garden
Only during the Salty Detox quest:
  • Basin Keep Entrance

Gallery[ | ]