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The Track of the Ancients is the underlying mythology of CrossWorlds.

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Track of the Ancients

The Track of the Ancients is an over-10000-year-old large-scale parkous game which played a large role in the Ancients' society. It is a self-sufficient system in which a contestant selects one of 5 Virtues to collect 4 distinct Elements which will then be used to solve challenges of rising difficulty.
At the first human colonists were ignorant towards the track when exploiting the planet for resources. Over time, though, it became apparent that it has some kind of mind or programming that uses its capabilities to defend against perceived intruders. To prevent further conflict with native creatures and the land itself, Operation Trackwalker was conceived.

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Operation Trackwalker

Operation Trackwalker was brought to life by the United Voyager Nation to study and solve the Track of the Ancients. That way, it was hoped, it would be possible to control and finally use it to humanity's advantage instead of simply trying to destroy it.
The project involves specially trained humans, called "Seekers", who are integrated into the Track. That way they can follow it and solve its challenges in harmony with the rules specified by the Ancients.

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A Seeker is a human who has undergone special training and has been allowed access to the Track of the Ancients. Once they choose one of the 5 Virtues, their goal is to master all 4 elements and use them in a final challenge to solve the mysteries behind the track.

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The Ancients are a race of advanced aliens who inhabited the CrossWorlds moon long before humans ever discovered it. Their legacy is the Track of the Ancients - a series of challenges intended to grant their advanced technology to those deemed worthy of receiving it. The challenges take the form of puzzle dungeons known as Temples. The main goal of CrossWorlds is to follow the Track of the Ancients and help humanity to rediscover this lost technology.