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Tremmy is a mechanical boss in CrossWorlds. It can be encountered in Rhombus Square, as part of the quest Tremors of the Past.

Mechanical Boss

A variant of the Carritrich that seems to be constantly shaking when active. This is because of the powerful Tremor Core that was implemented. Unlike its much colder design brethren, this unique machine attacks with a broader variety of elements and prefers powerful Wave attacks.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Tremmy is a grey bipedal robot, identical to the Carritrich, with two-fingered feet, long legs attached directly to the sides of its head which is shaped like an oval, an orange lamp that resembles an eye, and a cylindrical basket behind its head that has a green border. It is permanently shaking due to the Tremor CoreTremor Core it holds.

Combat[ | ]

Tremmy has a Wave aura that reduces damage, makes it unbreakable and both pushes and damages the player when they get nearby. It can be dispersed with Shock attacks, and Tremmy regenerates it after enough time passes or when it reaches its next phase. It can also dodge charged Balls.

Phase 1

  • Hops in place, then jumps onto the player twice, releasing a Wave explosion every time it hits the floor.
  • Flashes white, then runs towards the player in a straight line, leaving a trail of damaging Wave circles on its way. This attack has three possible outcomes: if it hits a wall, it releases many slow Wave spheres that fly in straight lines. If the player is hit, they are launched far away, and if Tremmy doesn't hit anything, it will flash red momentarily, after which any attack will cause it to break and become stunned for a short while.

Phase 2

  • While walking, it occasionally releases a small Wave projectile similar to the ones shot by Anglers. It also releases one every time it dodges.
  • Its jumps release two, then four of those same projectiles in semi-random directions.
  • Fires a Heat laser at the player. Only its tip deals damage so they can run under it without an issue.
  • Shoots three ice shards that bounce once off the walls.
  • When it does its run attack and doesn't hit anything, it will quickly use one of its two new attacks. Breaking it is possible only while it is firing its laser or the moment after it shoots ice shards, since it won't crash into walls anymore.

Phase 3

  • Jumps three times. Its first jump releases four projectiles in all directions, its second eight, and its third five in front of itself.
  • Releases two projectiles when dodging.
  • Fires two lasers at the same time.
  • Shoots five bouncing ice shards.
  • Releases many more Wave spheres after crashing into a wall.

Strategies[ | ]

  • Homing Wisp Homing Wisp can be used to deactivate its shield quickly.
  • It will dodge many ranged attacks, however shock's single-target dash specials can inflict significant amounts of unavoidable damage.
  • Lure the small Wave projectiles to a corner and dash away to dodge them.
  • Its laser is quite poor at tracking relative to Tremmy's left and right perspective, so the lasers may aim past you if you run towards Tremmy. Stay close to a wall when the laser is fired and then get close to the boss so its laser takes more time trying to catch up to you.

Locations[ | ]

Rhombus Square
Only during the Tremors of the Past quest:
  • Rumbling Chamber

Gallery[ | ]