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Tribladers are a class in CrossWorlds. They are associated with triangles, the color green and the Heat Element. They represent the Virtue of strength.


Triblader follow the Virtue of Strength. Their focus is on powerful sword attacks. They lack in defense and ranged capabalities but make up for it by having increased strength. The element usually associated with Tribladers is Heat.

-Encyclopedia Crossworlds entry

Class Description[ | ]

Tribladers are a Melee-oriented class, analogous to Fighters in a traditional class system. Their combat style focuses heavily on melee combos and multi-target melee slashes. They are also able to use Balls, which are despite the name shaped like small daggers, and somehow still bounce off walls. Their stats are reasonably balanced, although they tend to have slightly higher Attack. Their weapon of choice is the sword.

All tribladers wear triangle shoulders and use the color green in their clothes.

Notable Tribladers[ | ]

Lukas Fink Lukas Fink Schneider
Emilie's friend. An experienced player and member of the First Scholars guild.
Raphael Luiz Vega Raphael Luiz Vega Buggy
A laid-back member of the First Scholars. Kind of a troll.

Minor Tribladers[ | ]

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Gallery[ | ]