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The Tunnel Angler is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Gaia's Garden during the Tower Defense minigame, which includes the 4 quests related to it.

Tunnel Angler

A close relative to the regular Angler, this specimen prefers to live underground. Usually they have a close connection to intensive points of Ancient power that they are eager to protect. Living underground for most of its life has somewhat stunted this creature's ability to fly. Not for the lack of ability, but rather because constantly stubbing their sensible lantern on the ceiling at a young age has made them overly careful.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

A Tunnel Angler superficially resemble a regular Angler. It is a medium sized floating fish, similar in appearance to the real-world anglerfish it was named after. It is primarily coloured in dark teal and light green, with glowing white eyes and a bulb hanging in front of its head.

Combat[ | ]

It doesn't chase the player because it follows a set path at a slow speed. It will scream at the player if they get too close and it can charge and fire two small homing Wave projectiles. Like other Tunnel enemies, it spawns with a shield that negates all damage and sends it back to the attacker. This shield can be permanently disabled with a single hit from a Neutral turret, but it also deactivates temporarily when the Tunnel Angler is charging its projectiles. If it gets hit twice with charged Balls or Neutral turret projectiles in this time window, its shield also gets disabled.

Strategies[ | ]

Hopefully your turrets will be able to take them out. If not, Plasma Spike -icon Plasma Spike is a Melee Combat Art you can use to attack without getting screamed at. Diving Spark -icon Diving Spark might also help. Cold turrets can slow them down if necessary.

Locations[ | ]

Gaia's Garden
Only during the Turret Defense quest:
  • Grubby Cave (x9)
Only during the An Original Idea quest:
  • Temple of Innovation (x8)
In Tower Defense Normal Mode:
  • Grubby Cave (x6)
  • Temple of Innovation (x8)