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The Tunnel Gelleric is an abstract enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Gaia's Garden during the Tower Defense minigame, which includes the 4 quests related to it.

Tunnel Gelleric

A close relative to the regular Gelleric, this specimen prefers to live underground. Usually they have a close connection to intensive points of Ancient power that they are eager to protect. Since it is more prone to traverse on strict paths one might think of it as very inflexible. It is, however, just as wobbly as its overworld relative.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

Tunnel Gelleric superficially resembles a normal Gelleric. It is a flexible green blob with a yellow core.

Combat[ | ]

Its only method of attack is jumping if the player is close enough. It doesn't actively chase the player since it follows a strict path from its spawn to the Pathhacker. It also spawns with a protective shield that returns any damage dealt by the player and can only be disrupted by Neutral turrets.

Strategies[ | ]

Don't attack them while their shield is up and use Balls to prevent any possible harm. Consider using Shock and/or Cold turrets because those two elements are the Tunnel Gelleric's weaknesses, which allows them to take them out without the player's help.

Locations[ | ]

Gaia's Garden
Only during the Turret Defense quest:
  • Grubby Cave (x21)
Only during the An Original Idea quest:
  • Temple of Innovation (x18)
In Tower Defense Normal Mode:
  • Grubby Cave (x38)
  • Temple of Innovation (x47)