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The Tunnel Shockcat is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Gaia's Garden during the An Original Idea quest and the harder variation of the Tower Defense minigame.

Tunnel Shockcat

A close relative to the regular Shokat, this specimen prefers to live underground. Usually they have a close connection to intensive points of Ancient power that they are eager to protect. Though they are stubbornly following strict paths, unlike their less disciplined and decidedly more cuddly cousins, they still retain a Shokat's blinding agility. Expect them to dodge projectiles of automated turrets with ease! Dodging will disrupt their shields, though, and thus make them especially vulnerable to charged shots for a few seconds.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

A Tunnel Shockcat superficially resembles a normal Shokat. It is a pink cat surrounded by an electrostatic aura. Its tail is an arc of electricity that looks like a lightning bolt.

Combat[ | ]

It doesn't chase the player because it follows a set path at a slow speed. It deals contact damage and, when approached, it attacks with a tail whip, but contrary to its original variation, this Shokat never stops to charge and cannot break, thus being unable to use its magnet pull ability. It is also able to dodge incoming projectiles with a relatively long cooldown inbetween dodges. Like other Tunnel enemies, it spawns with a shield that negates all damage and sends it back to the attacker. This shield can be permanently deactivated with a single hit from a Neutral turret.

Strategies[ | ]

Their limited dodging capability makes it harder for its shield to break. It tries to dodge any turret projectile, however, so having enough active turrets is enough to counteract this. Just like with Tunnel Wiccats, Mark icon Mark and ranged Wave Combat Arts are ideal against this enemy.

Locations[ | ]

Gaia's Garden
Only during the An Original Idea quest:
  • Temple of Innovation (x10)
In Tower Defense Normal Mode:
  • Temple of Innovation (x21)

Trivia[ | ]

  • Tunnel Shockat's name contains the letter C, but the regular Shokat does not. This is likely a typo.