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The Twilight Master is an organic boss in CrossWorlds. He can be encountered in Sapphire Ridge in the Old Dojo, as part of the quest Trials of the Golden Bugs.

Organic Boss
Twilight Master

Once a boy was found by the beetle-folk of Sapphire Ridge. The master of the clan raised this boy as his own. He became a strong and honorable warrior that protected the clan just as much as any other beetle. Years passed and the father's time to enter the afterlife drew close. On his deathbed the Father spoke to his son:"You shall become the master of this clan, my son." With tears the son nodded his head in agreement as the father dissipated into thousands of fireflies that flew into the night sky.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Twilight Master is Sapphire Ridge s Vagabond wearing an armor that makes him look like a mix of the Sun Beetle and Moon Beetle. He wears a red helmet with sharp, brown horns, and a grey mask. He also has grey legs and arms, and the rest of his armor is composed of both red and purple stripes. Contrary to the other beetles, he wields a single sword that he pulls in and out of its sheath before doing different attacks.

Combat[ | ]

Phase 1

  • All of his attacks are Heat based.
  • Jumps around twice with an orange afterimage and dashes towards the player to hit them with his sword. This attack can be Countered, however, he won’t stay stunned as much as other enemies.
  • Puts his sword in its sheath, charges with a small orange light and vanishes. He then reappears with two clones in a triangle formation around the player, who can hit the real Twilight Master before he and his clones get too close to them to break him. He can be differentiated because his entire body blinks with a white light while his clones don’t. If the player gets too close to the clones, they jump on top of them and explode while the Twilight Master gets a fiery aura, jumps behind them and attacks with his sword.
  • Puts his sword in its sheath, charges with a large orange light, vanishes and the screen darkens. After this, he reappears, runs towards the player, jumps behind them and attacks with his sword. He does this sequence four times, with the final swing having a slow-down effect and a bigger arc. A black shadow will show his attack direction every time he reappears. He also uses this attack at the beginning of the fight.

Phase 2

  • All of his attacks are now Shock based. They have purple afterimages and auras instead of orange.
  • Jumps thrice with an afterimage before dashing towards the player and attacking them.
  • He and his clones are stationary and put their swords inside their sheaths. One of the clones will charge electricity, dash and attack the player, the other will follow, and finally, the Twilight Master will jump around while he is covered in electricity and dash-slash the player.
  • During his clone-lacking charged attack, he reappears somewhere at random and dash-slashes the player. He does this four times before jumping around and attacking the player one last time with an attack that locks them and makes them get hit by a thunder. He uses this attack at the beginning of the phase.

Phase 3

  • His clone-lacking charged attack now intermittently mixes both the Shock and Heat version. He attacks six times in total, always finishing with the powerful Heat slash, and his large charge aura is both orange and purple. Also uses this attack at the start of the phase.
  • He can now use both Shock based and Heat based attacks.

Strategies[ | ]

  • The wide range of his charged Heat slashes makes them really hard to dodge. Perfect Guarding is recommended against all of his attacks except the one with the clones where you can just break him with a charged Ball.
  • Elven Orb-icon Elven Orb and Blizzard Hawk -icon Blizzard Hawk are insanely effective when he is broken or countered.

Locations[ | ]

Sapphire Ridge
  • Old Dojo Interior[1]
  1. There are two rooms called Old Dojo. The name given here is just to differentiate them.

Gallery[ | ]