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The Twilight Master is an organic boss in CrossWorlds. He can be encountered in Sapphire Ridge in the Old Dojo, as part of the quest: Trials of the Golden Bugs.

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Twilight Master

Once a boy was found by the beetle-folk of Sapphire Ridge. The master of the clan raised this boy as his own. He became a strong and honorable warrior that protected the clan just as much as any other beetle. Years passed and the father's time to enter the afterlife drew close. On his deathbed the Father spoke to his son:"You shall become the master of this clan, my son." With tears the son nodded his head in agreement as the father dissipated into thousands of fireflies that flew into the night sky.

-Monster Fibula report




  • The Twilight Master can be stunned by perfect-guarding the last attack in one of his combos.