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Please note that this item has been removed from CrossCode and is currently unavailable.

The Ultra Mouse was an Enemy in CrossCode. It used to appear in the Enemy Rush challenge in Autumn's Rise.

Appearance[ | ]

The Ultra Mouse is a small, mouse-shaped robot made of grey metal. It looks identical to its variations the Beta Mouse Bot and the Uber Beta Mouse Bot with the only difference being the behavior.

Combat[ | ]

Unlike most enemies, the Ultra Mouse is not aggressive and is unable to damage Lea. It alternates between two main phases in battle. On first being encountered, it yells "Come at me!" and moves slowly towards Lea. At this time, it has extremely high defense which makes it difficult to deal significant damage to it. Once it approaches Lea, it turns red and slowly charges to enter its alternate phase, accompanied by an "Uber Charge" loading bar. Once it enters the second phase it yells "Nope!" and quickly dashes away. During this phase, it is much more vulnerable to damage, but it dashes around constantly and unpredictably at high speed, making it very difficult to hit. After a short period of time, it returns to its first battle phase.

Strategies[ | ]

Although the Ultra Mouse does not attack, and can therefore be destroyed through brute force and patience, some strategy may be helpful to keep the battle to a reasonable length. Pushing the enemy into a corner while it charges for its second phase may allow you to land a few hits while it is weak before it can escape. Hitting it with a melee combat art right as it changes phases may also stun-lock it into the second phase, allowing you to deal high damage to it.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The Uber Beta Mouse Bot was first introduced in the TechDemo, and has appeared in all released versions of CrossCode until version 0.6.0, where the Enemy Rush challenge was removed.
  • Its Monster Fibula entry used to show that this enemy gave 1 EXP, even though it didn't give any.