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This article contains SPOILERS for the main story of CrossCode. Proceed at your own risk!

Vermillion Dungeon is a location in CrossCode. It is an unofficial dungeon in Vermillion Wasteland, controlled by Gautham.

Layout[ | ]

This dungeon cannot be returned to, as it is later replaced by Vermillion Tower. Fortunately, there are no collectibles. The dungeon is very linear, with the player following Sergey's directions and no accessible side rooms (except the Developer Room). However, the map of the dungeon looks like a series of disconnected, isolated rooms due to the unique method in which the dungeon is traversed.

Connecting regions[ | ]

Area map[ | ]

Vermillion Dungeon Map

In-game map of Vermillion Dungeon

Rooms are numbered in the order they are visited.

Areas of Vermillion Dungeon
# Area Name
1 Entry Test
2 Pit of Time
3 Infected Room
4 Bombs and Ice
5 Shocking Revelation
6 Winter Infection
7 ERROR 404
8 Chasing Rabbits
9 Bomb Switch
10 Testing Grounds
11 Invalid Instance

Enemies[ | ]

As the dungeon cannot be revisited, most of these enemies do not respawn. However, Security Brutes are continually summoned if the previous ones are killed.

Enemies of Vermillion Dungeon
Name Sprite Drops Location
Neutral Virus
Infected CellInfected Cell Infected Room, Winter Infection
Heat Virus
Infected CellInfected Cell, Elemental DNAElemental DNA Infected Room
Cold Virus
Infected CellInfected Cell, Elemental DNAElemental DNA Winter Infection
Furious Security Brute
None ERROR 404, Chasing Rabbits, Bomb Switch
Cool Security Brute
None ERROR 404, Chasing Rabbits[1], Bomb Switch[1]
Tense Security Brute
None ERROR 404, Chasing Rabbits[1], Bomb Switch[1]
Groovy Security Brute
None ERROR 404, Chasing Rabbits[1], Bomb Switch
Gastropolis (boss)
None Testing Grounds
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Only spawns if the original Security Brutes are defeated.

Role in the Plot[ | ]

Lea and Lukas enter the Vermillion Dungeon together, hoping to find a way to escape from Vermillion Wasteland, but they are quickly separated due to the dungeon being instanced. Sergey contacts Lea and runs an experimental routine on her avatar, allowing her to break through the Instant Matter walls of the dungeon and jump between instances. With this, Lea sets off to find Lukas, but soon stumbles upon an Evotar being interrogated, where she is quickly discovered by the Blue Avatar. After sending waves of Shredder enemies in a futile attempt to stop her, the Blue Avatar successfully traps Lea in an unwinnable boss battle. However, with Sergey's assistance, Lea is able to overcome this challenge and manages to meet up with Lukas. As the two flee the dungeon, the Blue Avatar appears again, trapping Lukas in place. Unable to rescue him, Lea is forced to leave him behind as she is taken away by Captain Jet.

Trophies[ | ]

Main article: Trophies
Ultimate Power
Defeat Gastropolis.

Secrets[ | ]

If the security brutes are defeated, more will spawn immediately. This can happen indefinitely and the brutes' levels will increase (up to level 99).

  • In New Game Plus, Lea can exploit this with Sergey Hax to reach level 99 in minutes.

In New Game Plus, the developer room can be accessed by solving the puzzle that Sergey tells you to ignore in the room Shocking Revelation if unlocked elements are carried over.