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This article contains SPOILERS for the main story of CrossCode. Proceed at your own risk!

Vermillion Tower is a location in CrossWorlds. It is the final dungeon of the main game of CrossCode. This is technically the same location as the Vermillion Dungeon, but it has been completely reconfigured by Gautham. Since this is the final dungeon, it is fairly linear, with little in the way of exploration content.

Layout[ | ]

Vermillion Tower consists of six small floors connected by an elevator. The ground floor consists of an entrance chamber and an elevator room, while the first and second floors each have two loops of puzzle rooms. The third and fourth floors consist of a single room each, consisting of a boss battle and a final bounce puzzle respectively. The elevator banner initially implies that there will be many more floors, but after the fourth floor the elevator goes all the way to the top.

Connecting Regions[ | ]

Rooms[ | ]


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Areas of Vermillion Tower
# Area Name Floor
1 Entrance GF
2 Center Elevator GF GF
3 Center Elevator F1 F1
4 Freezing Groove F1
5 Freezing Storm F1
6 Freezing Challenge F1
7 Blazing Storm F1
8 Blazing Blizzard F1
9 Blazing Challenge F1
10 Center Elevator F2 F2
11 Waving Flames F2
12 Waving Inferno F2
13 Waving Challenge F2
14 Shocking Blizzard F2
15 Shocking Inferno F2
16 Shocking Challenge F2
17 Center Elevator F3 F3
18 Center Elevator F4 F4
19 Center Elevator F?? F??

Enemies[ | ]

As Vermillion Tower is visited at the very end of the game and cannot be revisited, none of these enemies respawn.

Enemies of Vermillion Tower
Name Sprite Drops Locations
Neutral Virus
Infected CellInfected Cell Center Elevator GF
Heat Virus
Infected CellInfected Cell, Elemental DNAElemental DNA Center Elevator GF
Cold Virus
Infected CellInfected Cell, Elemental DNAElemental DNA Center Elevator GF
Furious Security Brute
None Center Elevator F1, Elevator Shaft
Cool Security Brute
None Center Elevator F1, Elevator Shaft
Tense Security Brute
None Center Elevator GF, Elevator Shaft
Groovy Security Brute
None Center Elevator GF, Elevator Shaft
Failed Rhino
None Center Elevator F1, Elevator Shaft
None Elevator Shaft
Final Turret IX (boss)
None Blazing Challenge (Heat)
Freezing Challenge (Cold)
Waving Challenge (Wave)
Shocking Challenge (Shock)
Center Elevator F3 (1 of each element)
Designer (boss)
None The Final Arena
The Creator (boss)
None The Ultimate Experience

Role in the Plot[ | ]

Lea enters Vermillion Tower alone to face Gautham's Ultimate Experience and hopefully win access to the Evotar Server. She fights her way through the challenges and enemies to the top of the tower, while Gautham explains how all he ever wanted was to create incredible experiences for the players of CrossWorlds, and how Lea is the player he was looking for to take on his challenges. At the top of the tower, Gautham in his Designer avatar appears and challenges Lea to a final battle. After defeating him, Gautham appears in person and congratulates Lea before committing suicide. Lea continues on to the Evotar Server, where she encounters Sidwell. He expresses regret at what happened to Gautham, before logging off and vanishing. Lea is able to retrieve the Server and exit the tower.

Trophies[ | ]

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The Experience
Defeat the Designer.
The Ultimate Experience
Defeat The Creator.