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Disambig This article is about the console versions of CrossCode. For PC versions, see Version history.

The Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of CrossCode have been in continued development since their initial full release on July 9th, 2020. These console versions are ported from PC by Robert Konrad[1] from Deck13. Not all features from the PC version are available, but future releases are planned to implement them. Each platform uses its own version numbering scheme, which can deviate from other platforms.

Overview[ | ]

Platform Latest Version Release date Description
Nintendo Switch (NSW) 1.0.15 2021/08/03 All CrossCode versions for Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4 [EU] (PS4-EU)[2] 1.06 2021/01/21 Regional CrossCode version available in the EU (SIEE)
PlayStation 4 [NA] (PS4-NA)[2] 1.06 2021/01/21 Regional CrossCode version available in North America (NA; SIEA)
PlayStation 4 [JP] (PS4-JP)[2] 1.08 2020/12/03 Regional CrossCode version available in Japan
Xbox One (XBOX-ONE) 2021/01/08 All CrossCode versions for Xbox One
Term Description
-- Patch is included in the following version after the entry (for your current platform)
N/A Patch is not available yet for your current platform
Version The platform specific version that includes the patch
R. Date The release date for the platform specific patch (Year/Month/Day; UTC)
Based PC Version The PC version of CrossCode that was used as a base to port the Game to your platform. Can change based on the patch. The symbol + is used to indicate, that the version includes parts like specific bugfixes or content from a later version
Patch ID Used to connect the platform specific versions with the patched content. Is labeled with a character to differentiate the parts if the patch is – due to specific reasons – split into multiple parts.

Version history[ | ]

Patch ID Based PC Version NSW PS4-EU PS4-NA PS4-JP XBOX-ONE
Version R. Date Version R. Date Version R. Date Version R. Date Version R. Date
3b 1.3.0-4 1.0.12 2021/01/19 1.06 2021/01/21 1.06 2021/01/21 1.09 N/A 2021/01/08
3a 1.3.0-4 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 2021/01/06
2g XBOX-ONE specific 2020/12/17
2f XBOX-ONE specific (update process not triggered) 2020/12/16
2e 1.1.0+ 1.0.11 2020/12/07 1.05 2020/12/07 1.05 2020/12/07 1.08 2020/12/03 2020/12/02
2c 1.1.0+ 1.0.10 2020/10/01 1.04 2020/10/05 1.04 2020/10/21 1.07 2020/09/25 2020/09/17
2b 1.1.0+ -- -- --[3] -- -- -- -- -- 2020/08/12
2a 1.1.0+ 1.0.9 2020/08/12 -- -- 1.03 2020/08/19 1.06 2020/08/06 2020/08/04
1d 1.1.0+ 1.0.8 2020/07/27 1.03 2020/08/07 -- -- 1.05 2020/08/05 2020/07/15
1c 1.1.0+ -- -- -- -- -- -- 1.04 2020/07/14 2020/07/13
1b 1.1.0+ -- -- -- -- -- -- 1.03 2020/07/10 -- --
1a 1.1.0+ -- -- 1.02 2020/07/23 1.02 2020/08/02 1.02 2020/07/09 -- --

Changelog notes for all console versions are shown below.

Patch 3b[ | ]

  • Fixed problems with cleaning up menus when going back
    • Fixed trophy point problem happening when leaving the new game plus menu[4]
    • Fixed the save problem when switching accounts
  • Fixed raid problem; the blocks are now working properly
  • [SWITCH] Fixed the arena statistics menu

Patch 3a[ | ]

Patch 2g – [XBOX-ONE] specific[ | ]

  • [XBOX-ONE] Updated the bundled OS to force an update and fix the corrupted OS without the need to reinstall the game

Patch 2f – [XBOX-ONE] specific[ | ]

  • [XBOX-ONE] Fixed the corrupted OS (used the same OS version; hasn't triggered the automatic update process; required a manual installation by reinstalling the game)

Patch 2e[ | ]

  • Unlocks the special Quest Gifting for Fun! from December to January.
  • [XBOX-ONE] The bundled OS from Microsoft got corrupted which prevents starting the game for new installations

Patch 2d[ | ]

Patch 2c[ | ]

  • Adds Help menu overlay
  • Improves performance for cases in which the path-finding failed[5]
  • Fixed trophies and the trophies menu bugs
  • Fixed missing trader locations after restart for new saves[6]
  • Fixed crash caused by accessing a locked trade (LV51Galaxy Spiral DrillGalaxy Spiral Drill)
  • Fixed Hillkat movement bug (will now stop at cliffs)
  • Fixed Scarlet Rain attack (will now properly target enemies)
  • Fixed cutscene softlock when attacking enemies
  • Fixed damage stats (will now ignore specific Sergey Hax moment)
  • Fixed SP display bug in the menu
  • Fixed missing NPC teleport effects
  • Fixed incorrect shop stats (listed 100% heat resistance)[7]
  • Fixed clipping menu images (botanic menu)
  • Fixed missing Quest UI location information for new saves[8]
  • Fixed some item translations
  • Changed the Monitor calibration setup (now at the start)
  • Memory freed up to prevent crashes on [NSW] (VM Bossfight transition & Specific cutscene transition)
  • [XBOX-ONE] Fixed softlock when opening XMB during arts tutorial
  • [NSW] Fixed audio bug after returning from standby
  • Bugfixes

Patch 2b[ | ]

  • Fixed map transition crash[9]
  • Fixed looping through menus
  • [XBOX-ONE] Fixed save bug
  • [XBOX-ONE] Automatic switching between multiple gamepads assigned to the same user

Patch 2a[ | ]

  • Fixed Faj'ro enemies hit bug
  • Fixed possible softlock in Temple Mine
  • [NSW] Fixed rare save bug

Patch 1d[ | ]

  • Fixed crash while showing the LV50Golden RevolverGolden Revolver description
  • Fixed multiple smaller issues
  • Fixed the exclusive boss battles

Patch 1c[ | ]

  • Fixed crash on Rhombus Square Overview Map while having party members

Patch 1b[ | ]

  • Fixed Japanese bugs
  • Fixed various Asian character display-bugs
  • Changed save limit

Patch 1a[ | ]

  • Fixed the Botanics Menu Crash
  • Fixed the Traders Menu Crash
  • Fixed the Audiolag caused by Performance Issues
  • Fixed the slowed down menu
  • Fixed NPCs in Towns and overland causing Performance issues
  • Fixed multiple issues

Note[ | ]

The authors assume no liability for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the information.

  1. HaxeUp 2019 event "Robert Kondrad - Kha v HTML5"
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Determined based on regional version differences; PlayStation Store
  3. Was planed as 1.04
  4. Load the save in which the trophy points were earned if they are not there
  5. Might not cover all cases
  6. Location data for the trader were not saved correctly. You can only use the wiki as workaround at the moment.
  7. Supplement: This bug seems to be still present in some form. (partial fixed)
  8. Location data for the Quest UI were not saved correctly. This bug only affects the location shown in the Quest UI of the main menu and has no further impact. Quests picked up on old saves will still have missing location information. The Bulletin Boards can be used as workaround.
  9. Original patched for the arena crash but it seems that it also fixes other transition crashes (fast travel, blue hedgehag fight)