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The Vulturbine is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Maroon Valley.


This bird is often described as the phoenix of Maroon Valley. Until provoked they will usually just fly around and only prey on deceased animals. If you however choose to attack them... get ready for all their flaming wrath. They can use their jet turbines to boost into a flaming dive attack. If you time your guard you can counter and leave them open for big damage! Otherwise you better keep your distance and use ranged attacks whenever you see an opening.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Vulturbine is a vulture with two orange wings and a tail, a black body with two turbines attached to its back, black legs, white fluff around its neck and a head with two small red eyes and a big grey beak that occupies more than half of its face.

Combat[ | ]

It attacks by either covering itself with flames and charging towards the player or by getting close to the ground and shooting two clumped projectiles. The first attack can be countered.

Strategies[ | ]

Since they are flying most of the time, wait until they attack and fight them back. Balls and Combat Arts such as Hail Flurry can dispose of them quickly.

Locations[ | ]

Maroon Valley
  • Vivid Path (x1)
  • Maroon Oasis (x3)
  • Bright Path (x3)
  • Endless Pit (x4)
  • River Cliff (x3)
  • Paw Cliffs (x1)
  • Great Scar (x1)
  • West Entrance (x1)

Gallery[ | ]