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The War Webster is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Sapphire Ridge.

War Webster

Rarely found in caves in Sapphire Ridge, this vile fiend is a mechanized copy of the Aranetarda. Just like it archetype it can slow downs its prey. Instead of Wave-based attack it uses Shock as its primary element. Groups of them will combine their electric power to send down bolts of lightning.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The War Webster is a black insect with orange accents on its abdomen and head. It has four pointy legs and pink eyes.

Combat[ | ]

Its basic attack is firing a white pulsing circle that follows the player and summons a thunderbolt from the sky after it expires or gets close enough. If three War Websters are alive at the same time, two of them can supercharge the third one so it spits fire like a flamethrower at the player and granting a lot of damage and knockback resistance to all three of them. It can also fire lingering cobwebs that slow the player down whenever they step over them.

Strategies[ | ]

While they are stronger than Aranetardas, their attacks are more predictable and easier to dodge. They can’t inflict Chill icon Chill either. When you fight Pandza Mk. II, they can be pushed off the edges of the arena for extra damage and crowd control. Ice Twirl-icon Ice Twirl and its upgrades are quite effective against groups of War Websters.

Locations[ | ]

Sapphire Ridge
  • Nesting Grounds (only in Ring of Spiders Endless difficulty)
  • The Barracks (x5, non-respawning)
  • The Bellow (exclusive to Pandza Mk. II fight)

Gallery[ | ]