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The White Frobbit is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be encountered in Bergen Trail.

White Frobbit

This white counterpart to the Young Frobbit lives in the higher places of Mount. Bergen and is every bit as cute... and evil. However it is stronger and can quickly whittle you down when encountered in big packs.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The White Frobbit is a small lump of a creature, with large hind legs and long metal ears, resembling a rabbit. It is covered in blueish-white fur. Its coloration distinguishes it from its counterparts, the Young Frobbit and Legendary Frobbit. White Frobbits will often hide under the snow while not aggroed. This hides their health bar, making it hard to notice them and easy to accidentally attack them.

Combat[ | ]

In combat, White Frobbits rely primarily on their powerful melee attacks. Their primary attack is a powerful kick to the face, delivered at close range. If they miss with this attack, they jump backward immediately. Their second, more powerful attack is a large jump attempting to land on the player. If this is dodged, the Frobbit lunges forward for a second chance at the attack. If either attempt lands, the Frobbit unleashes a flurry of blows which stunlock the player, ending with a powerful attack with large knockback. Both attacks are indicated by the Frobbit flashing red, and it may begin either of them by quickly hopping towards the player to get to close range. Outside of attacking, Frobbits are adept at following the player, but move inconsistently, which may lead to them falling behind a fleeing player. At close range, they frequently jump over the player in an attempt to dodge attacks.

Strategies[ | ]

White Frobbits are powerful fighters, and a swarm of them can quickly overwhelm an underleveled player. However, they are among the weakest enemies in Bergen Trail, being only slightly stronger than the Young Frobbit variation, and are easily dispatched with a concentrated attack. So hit them hard, and hit them quickly! Charged Balls can disrupt their attacks, but they are very capable of breaking free from Melee combos. Watch for their high jump attack, and be prepared to dodge away from the subsequent lunge, which runs the risk of knocking the player off a cliff in addition to its already-substantial damage. Melee Combat Arts are ideal here, due to their high DPS.

Locations[ | ]

Bergen Trail
Rising Path 2: X4
Old Plateau: X5
Rising Path 3: X21
Spike Heights: X8
Bergen Waterfalls: X6
Windy Climb: X4
Rising Path 4: X15
Rising Path 5: X6

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

The White Frobbit was introduced in Early Access 0.2.0, with the introduction of Bergen Trail.