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The Wowturbine is an organic enemy in CrossWorlds. They can be found in the Windless Caverns in Maroon Valley during the Hot Trail quest, with a few continuing to respawn after the quest.


A stronger variant of the more common Vulturbine, these fiery birds are usually found underground, protecting holy places of the Ancients. In addition to the usual abilities of their species they can shoot explosive air-to-ground missiles and also use flames to regenerate.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The Wowturbine is a large vulture-like bird. It has a black head and body, a mane of white feathers around its neck, and light orange feathers on its tail and wings, distinguishing it from the weaker Vulturbine whose feathers are dark orange. It has some mechanical elements as well; its beak and legs are metal, and it has cannons mounted under its wings.

Combat[ | ]

The Wowturbine normally flies above the ground, making it difficult to directly attack. It has three attacks that it can use:

  • Charges up with flames, then does a diving attack at its target. Guard Countering the attack will break the Wowturbine, leaving it weak and immobile for a short period. The diving attack is Heat-elemental and can inflict Burn.
  • Drops to the ground and shoots twin bullets at its target. The bullets are slightly homing, Heat-elemental and can inflict Burn.
  • Charges up with flames, with the message [heated wing noises], then throws a swirling, exploding fireball at the target which is Heat-elemental and can inflict Burn. After this attack it drops down to the ground for a short period. Hitting it with a charged Cold Ball during the charging phase or after the attack will break it.

Hitting a Wowturbine with a frozen bubble at any time will also break it.

In later encounters, Wowturbines can be found with flames that they can use to regenerate. A Wowturbine with less than 50% HP will seek out a flame, hover over it, and after a short delay begin recovering HP. It will remain here until it reaches full health, and is heavily shielded during this time. The only way to disrupt this is to extinguish the flame with a frozen bubble. When this happens, the Wowturbine will be briefly confused, during which time a charged Cold Ball can break it. After a few seconds of confusion it resumes its normal behaviour.

Strategies[ | ]

The Wowturbine fights can be challenging due primarily to their chaotic nature. Although there are many ways to break a Wowturbine, and they are easily dispatched once broken, a large number of enemies with multiple powerful ranged attacks makes it difficult to focus on a single Wowturbine long enough to kill it, and any that survive will inevitably heal themselves. A good strategy for these fights is to focus mainly on dodging, and when you manage to break one, immediately target it with Cold-elemental combat arts to finish it off quickly. It may be tempting to disrupt any Wowturbine that starts regenerating, but if you are having difficulty staying alive, ignoring the tricky setup and letting the Wowturbine recover may ultimately lead to an easier fight, particularly since this Wowturbine will not attack while regenerating, leaving you free to focus on the others.

Locations[ | ]

Maroon Valley
  • Windless Caverns (x3) (x2, non-respawning)
  • Barren Temple Entrance (x5, non-respawning)
  • Barren Temple Hall (x10, non-respawning)

Gallery[ | ]