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The X01 Driller H.F.S. is a mechanical boss in CrossWorlds. It is fought at the end of the Temple Mine, in the Forbidden Chasm area.

Mechanical Boss
X01 Driller H.F.S.

This enormous mine robot was infected too and is the final test for the Temple Mine. Originally its purpose was to drill deep into the ground using its right arm to crack the stone. To avoid the cold in the deeper sections it could also use a flamethrower to battle the freezing temperatures and bombs to destroy even the thickest of rocks. How it even got in here you ask? Don't be silly, every good miner knows not to share their secrets.

-Monster Fibula report

Appearance[ | ]

The X01 Driller H.F.S. is an enormous robot. Its build is somewhat similar to that of a Digmo; having two arms and a lamp in the middle of its body. One of its arms is a saw and the other is a claw with a hole in the middle. The X01 Driller H.F.S. has three holes on top of it at either side and a single chut. The back of its body seems to be decorated with six spikes. The lower part of its body has a red screen, covered by what seem to be metal hexagon plates. The bottom of its body is not visible, but the X01 Driller H.F.S. probably has legs, since it creates shockwaves when it approaches Lea. It seems to be infected by Fleazers.

Combat[ | ]

The battle against the X01 Driller H.F.S. takes place in three stages, separated by HP breaks. Whilst the attacks themselves change very little, the X01 Driller H.F.S. will behave differently. To damage the X01 Driller H.F.S. you have to first take down the shield that is created in front of the red screen by knocking the bombs that the boss creates at it. In the first stage, the shield takes one bomb to be destroyed, in the second stage it takes three and during the last stage it takes five bombs - always one less than the number of bombs it throws. The X01 Driller H.F.S. is resistant to VRPs. Both arms of the X01 Driller H.F.S. can also be attacked, but take zero damage.

In its first stage, the X01 Driller H.F.S. has three attacks in which it'll execute in order. Its first attack consists of it bringing its saw to the middle of the battlefield and creating a stream of ice that swoops almost the entire field from right to left. The stream will deal cold based damage and the saw will damage Lea. Its second attack is preceded by the X01 Driller throwing two bombs on the field, which is followed by the boss charging its claw to shoot a stream of fire, which'll cover the area from left to right. This attack will make any remaining bombs fly towards Lea, exploding on contact with either her or the wall. The flames deal heat based damage and can be guarded. It slams its claw on the ground during the third attack, making rocks fall on Lea. During this stage the boss will remain near the field and be stunned after its shield is broken. Any attack that it was executing when it was interrupted will be stopped.

During the second stage, its first attack will change completely. The X01 Driller H.F.S. will slam its saw on the field, creating icicles along the sides. From the saw itself will come two streams of icicles, one at either side, that home in on Lea and create a circle around the arm. The icicles deal cold based damage and can be guarded. The saw itself still won't damage Lea during this stage. Instead of launching two bombs during its second attack, it'll now launch four. Its third attack doesn't seem to change. When its shield is broken during this stage, it'll be stunned briefly, after which it'll jump backwards and walk back to the field. Any attack that it was executing whilst it was interrupted will be stopped.

During its third stage, none of its attacks seem to change. It will, however, summon six bombs instead of four before its flamethrower attack. When its shield is broken during this stage, it'll also be stunned briefly, after which it'll jump back, but instead of returning after that, it'll execute the flamethrower attack whilst it covers the red screen with the arm with the saw and doesn't immediately return to Lea.

Strategies[ | ]

Its attacks are highly telegraphed and easy to avoid if you know what to expect. The ice spray and flamethrower attacks are easily shielded and miss the upper left and right corners of the area, and standing close beside where the claw lands will cause the icicle walls to miss you. Moving around is enough to keep the falling rocks from hitting you. Take advantage of the bombs to break the shield, but don't be overly ambitious about getting them; many end up in a position where a successful shot would be very tricky, and a missed bomb is better destroyed by you than launched at you by the fire attack. Any bombs left over after the shield breaks might last long enough to be used against the next shield during the first two stages, but they should be quickly cleaned up in the third stage, as a flamethrower attack will always follow immediately. Be careful using melee attacks against the weak point, as the icicle attack in particular can damage you badly if you are standing here and you might fall into the ravine when the boss jumps back. The combat art "Burn!" can be really strong against this boss in particular, since it can quickly burn the boss; this can deal enough damage to deplete one third of its health.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The X01 Driller H.F.S. was added with the Temple Mine in Early Access v0.4.0.
  • When the boss was first released, there was a contest in which the first 10 people to submit a video of them defeating it would be entered into a draw for a cameo in the game.
  • The boss's HP stat is a reference to the Dragonball Z quote: "It's Over 9000!"