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Zir'vitar Temple, or the Shock Dungeon, is a Location in CrossWorlds. It is one of three Ancient temples located in the centre of Gaia's Garden, along with So'najiz Temple and the Grand Krys'kajo. Zir'vitar can be completed either before or after So'najiz, making it the fourth or fifth dungeon in the game. Unlike the other elemental dungeons, there isn't a chest key hidden in Zir'vitar Temple, but the Wave element is obtained here and unlocks many areas in Gaia's Garden that could only be reached through wave teleporters. The temple makes use primarily of enemies and obstacles based on the Shock element, and introduces the Wave element and associated Puzzle Elements in order to overcome them.

Zir'vitar Temple

This temple is the third or fourth challenge a Seeker needs to master in order to progress on the Track of the Ancients. Other than the previous temples, both this one and the So'najiz Temple can be completed in any order. In this Temple the Seeker can acquire the element: Wave.

Unique to this dungeon is the power plant right in front of it. It uses the outgoing energy to generate power for the humans. This however lead to tensions between the Shad living the to south-east and the humans as they accuse them of poisoning the jungle.

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Layout[ | ]

The temple has four floors, with the lower three having several rooms in an east-west line and the upper floor consisting only of the boss room. Lea enters the temple at the west end of the ground floor, and immediately climbs to the first floor. After continuing east for a few rooms, she returns to the ground floor and follows it east to the center of the temple. Here, the path splits and the goal becomes to collect two keys, which are found by continuing east on the ground floor and by doubling back to the west on the first floor. These unlock two gates on the ground floor, one on each side of the central room, which allow Lea to reach the corresponding sides of the first floor central room, unlocking the puzzle there. This puzzle grants access to the second floor.

On reaching the second floor, Lea must head east, reaching the Endurance of Waves, a long gauntlet of enemies that must be fought successively without saving or leaving combat. This notable challenge, along with a similar one in the So'najiz Temple, serves to replace the mid-bosses fought in the larger Temple Mine and Faj'ro Temple. Immediately after completing it, the Wave element is unlocked. Lea then descends to two previously inaccessible areas on the first and ground floor, where the temple's final bounce puzzle is located. Completing this allows her to climb through one last battle on the second floor to reach the third floor boss room.

Connecting Regions[ | ]

The only connected location is Gaia's Garden, via Entry Test and Shocking Surprise.

Rooms[ | ]


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Areas of Zir'vitar Temple
# Area Name Floor
1 Entry Test GF
2 Principle of Transmit 1F
3 Trial of Transmit 1F
4 Moving Transmit 1F
5 Compressed Waves GF
6 Power Plants GF
7 Sinus Transmit GF
8 Nature Vs. Technic GF
9 Box Transmit GF
10 Hoodwink GF
11 Spinning Transmit GF
12 Wave Maze 1F
13 Haunted Waves 1F
14 Conclusion of Waves (1) 1F
15 Trial of Bullets 1F
16 Stacking Blocks 2F
17 Endurance of Waves 2F
18 Chamber of Wave 2F
19 Conclusion of Waves (2) 1F
20 Irritating Transmit 2F
21 Shocking Surprise 3F

Treasures[ | ]

The Zir'vitar Temple is surprisingly low on treasures, with only five chests being located here.


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Acc. Type Contains Location Info
1 Treasure-default Normal 4 × Prime PistachiosPrime Pistachios Moving Transmit
2 Treasure-key Key 1 × Zir'vitar KeyZir'vitar Key Moving Transmit Enter from Trial of Bullets to reach
3 Treasure-key Key 1 × Zir'vitar KeyZir'vitar Key Hoodwink Take the north path from Spinning Transmit to reach it
4 Treasure-bronze Bronze 3 × Plain CubePlain Cube Haunted Waves Obtain the Wave element to reach this chest
5 Treasure-bronze Bronze 4 × Power SpinachPower Spinach Spinning Transmit Enter from Conclusion of Waves 2 to reach it

Enemies[ | ]

Enemies of Zir'vitar Temple
Name Sprite Drops Locations
Metal DownMetal Down, AmethystAmethyst[1] Trial of Transmit, Nature Vs. Technic, Hoodwink[2], Endurance of Waves[2], Irritating Transmit
Power SpinachPower Spinach, AmethystAmethyst[1] Power Plants, Nature Vs. Technic, Endurance of Waves
Living BoltLiving Bolt, AmethystAmethyst[1] Hoodwink, Haunted Waves, Endurance of Waves
Huge NutHuge Nut[3] Endurance of Waves[2]
Static FurballStatic Furball[3] Power Plants[2]
Plasma Phantom (boss)
None Shocking Surprise[2]
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 With Garden BoosterGarden Booster enabled
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 Does not respawn
  3. 3.0 3.1 Additional drops not possible due to combat rank being disabled in dungeon

Role in the Plot[ | ]

In CrossWorlds[ | ]

The Zir'vitar Temple is an important destination for Seekers, who travel here to collect the Wave element. The temple is paired with the So'najiz Temple, and Seekers can complete the two in any order, but must complete both in order to progress to the Grand Krys'kajo. For completing the temple, K'win awards the Seekers with the Purple Bolt ShadePurple Bolt Shade, and the Trackwalker General offers an additional reward of a Circuit OverrideCircuit Override.

In CrossCode[ | ]

Lea completes the Zir'vitar Temple racing against Emilie and C'tron. This can be done in any order, before or after the So'najiz Temple. If Lea completes the dungeon in under 60 minutes, she will come in first, otherwise Emilie will come in first. C'tron is last in this race in either case.

Trophies[ | ]

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What is that anyways?
Obtain the Wave element after in Chamber of Wave on floor 2F.
A Shadow from the Past
Defeat the Plasma Phantom at the end of the temple, in Shocking Surprise on floor 3F.
Grand Scavenger
Obrain all chests in Zir'vitar Temple; see #Chests.
At the Speed of Sound
Complete the entire temple within 60 minutes to beat Emilie in this dungeon race.